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"Fridays for Future": Berlin bishop compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus – demonstrating on Good Friday in Rome

The student activists of "Fridays for Future" make demands on the policy. The Berlin Bishop Koch compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus.

  • For months, students demonstrate for climate protection every Friday.
  • The worldwide demonstration wave started 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg.
  • The students demand compliance with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • The politicians disagree about how they deal with the young people who drown the school for the protests.

Update from April 14, 2019, 2:19 pm: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg wants to attend a school strike in Rome next Friday. "I know that this is a holiday, but because the climate crisis is not going on vacation, we will not do that," wrote the 16-year-old on Sunday on Twitter. She was on the train to the European Parliament, the Italian Senate, the Vatican and the House of Representatives, she wrote to a photograph showing her on a Swedish platform.

News from April 13: Berlin bishop compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus Christ

15:50: Thuringia's CDU leader Mike Mohring has called on the Junge Union to approach the climate protection movement "Fridays For Future", which is mainly supported by young people. He advised the new JU chief Tilman Kuban "to address the concerns and concerns of young people with open hearts, to develop ideas and to discuss them together," said Mohring, who is the leading candidate for the state elections at the end of October, the Berlin "Tagesspiegel " (Sunday). "The largest political youth association in Germany and the largest youth movement could really make a difference together."

When asked if this was not unrealistic given the course of the JU, Mohring said: "I do not share this assessment and can do nothing with such labels."

Berlin Bishop compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus

12:30: The Berlin Bishop Heiner Koch compares Greta Thunberg with Jesus Christ. The activist is an idol. "The Friday demos remind me a little of the biblical scene of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem," Koch said RBB radio,

Holy Week will soon begin. On Good Friday, Christians remember the death of Jesus on the Cross. He does not want to make Gerta a female Messiah, but, "But I would like to recall that from time to time our society and also our church needs real prophets who point out grievances and aberrations and propose solutions."

News from April 12: "Fridays for Future" and Bavarian politicians agree to found a body

16:50: The "Fridays for Future" movement and Bavarian politicians have agreed to set up a body for more climate protection measures. This should be used in the summer, said activists of the movement after a round table with representatives of all fractions of the parliament on Friday in Munich. Which competences the committee has and how it will be composed, is still unclear, it was said by the students. On May 9, there will be the next meeting between the "Fridays for Future" activists and politicians of all factions in the Bavarian state parliament.

Again nationwide "Fridays for Future" protests

15:04: Nationwide, thousands of students have again protested on Friday for more climate protection. According to a spokeswoman for the "Fridays for Future" movement, young people in about 90 places in Germany took to the streets. In Berlin, it was reportedly around 1500, in Hamburg, the police counted around 2,000 demonstrators, which demanded above all better conditions for cyclists. In Bavaria, members of the climate protection movement exchanged views with politicians. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the protests were the first topic in the state parliament. Hessen's Minister of Education, Alexander Lorz (CDU), asked young people's questions at a grammar school in Darmstadt.

"Fridays for Future": These demands put the students to Merkel and Co.

Representatives of the climate protection movement "Fridays for Future" have addressed German policies for the first time with a concrete list of demands: By the end of the year, subsidies for fossil fuels would have to expire, a quarter of the coal-fired power stations would have to be shut down, and the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide ( CO2) must be greatly increased by taxation.

At a press conference in Berlin, representatives of "Fridays for Future" called on politicians to take concrete political measures to implement these goals. "As long as that does not happen, we can not stop going on strike," said climate activist Sebastian Grieme of "Fridays for Future."

How the demands should be implemented in practice, the activists did not say. This is a task of politics and science. According to the activists, the catalog of demands had been worked out in nationwide working groups in consultation with scientists. The goal is to push politics to action with the growing influence of the movement.

"We have social and political influence," said activist Linus Steinmetz. "Our movement has reached an unimaginable size for us." The goal is to influence politics "to the highest level".

Winfried Kretschmann on "Fridays for Future": "Can not go on forever"

Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) sees the student protests for more climate protection during class time critically. Although the moral appeal was justified and it is really about the future of the students, said Kretschmann on Tuesday in Stuttgart. For once to skip school, fall first under civil disobedience. "Only: Civil disobedience is a symbolic act. That can not be a long-term event." The protests would sooner or later come to an end and could "not go on forever".

If you violate rules, you have to expect sanctions. "If you get sanctioned, you can not moan." At some point there will be sanctions. "Otherwise, in the end, everyone picks his topic, that he then somehow morally charged – and that does not work."

In Germany, students are gathering in numerous cities every Friday under the motto "Fridays for Future" to protest against the lack of action against climate change. The demonstrations are not without controversy, as they take place during school time. Kretschmann had met last week with representatives of the "Fridays for Future" movement.

According to Greta Thunberg's statement by Anne Will: Nuclear power for Baerbock "not an option"

Update from April 1, 2019: Following a TV appearance by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock has decided against nuclear energy as a contribution to climate protection. "Climate protection means for us an exit from fossil energy and this includes nuclear power," said Baerbock on Monday in Berlin. This form of energy generation is therefore not an option to achieve the climate goals.

Thunberg had in the Sunday evening in the ARD talk show "Anne Will" referred to a report by the IPCC, which also deals with nuclear power. "Atomic energy is not the future, because it is not renewable," said Thunberg. According to the IPCC, however, it could be "a small part of the very large, fossil-free solution." She herself is still not a friend of nuclear power.

Baerbock on "Fridays for Future": Trade unionists do not strike on the weekend

Güstrow – The Green Federal President Annalena Baerbock has called on the federal government to signal to the student movement "Fridays for Future" for more climate protection that their concerns are taken seriously. "Instead of understanding words and perhaps the quiet hope that this will happen again sometime, the federal government must bring a climate protection law on the way and organize no chair circle with the ministers," said Baerbock the German press agency, "I can understand the impatience of the students and the lack of understanding that nothing happens in climate protection, even though we know all the answers."

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Trade unionists do not strike on the weekend

Referring to federal and state governments on compulsory education, Baerbock said that trade unionists are also not on strike over the weekend. "Compulsory education is without a doubt. But it is also the mission of the school to get the young people involved, to be critical and to question politics. It is absurd to blame the students for interfering with them. "Many school administrators have found good regulations in this field of tension. Lessons can be made up or the strikes could be turned into projects.

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After seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested. If he is extradited to the US, he may face the death penalty. His health is bad.

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