friends of Mikhail Efremov talked about his personal life

The story of the fatal accident Mikhail Efremov revealed his secret affair with the actress of the Sovremennik Theater Daria Belousova. Immediately after the accident, the artist did not go to his home, but to her apartment on Chistye Prudy, from where the police took him. Now Efremov is sitting under house arrest in his apartment in Plotnikov Lane, where he lives with his fifth wife, Sofia Кругликовой. As we were told in near-investigative circles, Efremov asked to allow Daria Belousova as a close person to come to him at the address of his house arrest.

After the accident, Efremov went to his mistress Daria Belousova.  Photo: Facebook

After the accident, Efremov went to his mistress Daria Belousova.Photo: Facebook

– No one will allow Belousova to come to Efremov, even if he wants it, because she is not a relative, – said “KP» Actor’s lawyer Elman Pashayev. “Even ex-wives are not allowed to visit him at house arrest.” I don’t know who Belousov is to him. I do not ask about personal life. Michael is supported by a wife who loves him and is very worried about him.

The first wife was actress Elena Golyanova.  Photo:

The first wife was actress Elena Golyanova.Photo:

“Dasha will not abandon Misha”

– Father Daria Vladimir Belousov was an actor in the theater “Lenkom“, – said” KP ” Lenkom artist Viktor Rakov. – He died when she was 12 years old. Dasha grew up among the stars of Lenkom, and from childhood went on stage in episodes. Abdulov wore it in his arms, Yankovsky, Karachentsov paid attention. She came to work in the Sovremennik Theater, married Shamil Khamatov (brother of actress Chulpan Khamatova). They divorced after eight years of marriage. Now Daria supported Mikhail Efremov, I think this is right. Daria will by no means turn her back on a friend in need.

According to friends, in 2018 Belousova divorced, and in 2019, Efremov began to look after her. Since last fall, they were often seen together in Daria’s apartment in Barracks Lane.

– The last time Efremov lived at Daria. And the wife at the dacha with the children sat all the isolation, – says the former is overwhelmed by the Moscow Art Theater, wife of actor Boris Shcherbakova. – Sonya’s wife, apparently, no longer had the strength to endure her husband’s drunkenness and drug addiction.

Second time married philologist Asa Vorobyeva Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

The second time married philologist Asa VorobyevaPhoto: SOCIAL NETWORK

One of Efremov’s acquaintances told us that the actor had a serious relationship with Daria. He paid her a rented apartment, but was not going to leave his wife.

“Misha was never considered a faithful husband,” says Tatyana Bronzova. – He constantly had women plus wives. In his mistresses were both actresses and theater workers, but I will not give names. From Oleg Efremov, he took male charm, his father was not a blunder in this matter. And Misha was very successful with the fair sex.

Scar for life

Recently directed by Valery Sergeev declared: Efremov “tortured women”, many suffered from him mentally and physically. We called the director for details.

– Misha Efremov raised his hand to women, – said KP Valery Sergeev. – And the women loved him and everyone endured. A memorable story when, in a fit of anger, he launched a cup into his beloved, actress Natalya Ionov. Only because she dared to object to him, but he could not stand it. The cup broke, and a splinter split the girl’s lip. At her there was a scar for life. Then she could not stand his outbursts of anger, she left the youth theater-studio Sovremennik-2, which was directed by Misha Efremov, and from the profession.

He has broken so many lives. Many employees of Sovremennik-2 went through Misha’s bed. He was indefatigable in this regard, changed one, the other. He took Asya Vorobiev lit up by Sovremennik-2 through the bed, not disregarding that she was at that time Anton’s wife Tabakova. She bore him a son, Nikita. And actress Eugene Dobrovolskaya also accepted into the troupe of the collective in the same way, she became his third wife, also gave birth to a son.

Actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya became the third wife Photo: Archive

The third wife was actress Evgenia DobrovolskayaPhoto: Archive “EG”

Because of his drunkenness, the theater was stormy. The director of Sovremennik-2 cried to me that, upon arriving on tour, Misha washed down and changed his repertoire on a drunken bench, leaving the same performance on the poster. The director clutched his head. But to argue with Misha was useless, otherwise he got into a fight.

Cocaine burned throat

“He planted all his wives for a drink,” he says. Valery Sergeev. – Asya Vorobyeva suffered from him and fled. It is enough to look at his third wife Evgeny Dobrovolskaya – everything is written on his face. The fourth wife Ksenia Kachalina is drunk. The fifth wife, Sonya, endured to the last drunken brawls of Ephraim.

“Efremov, having drunk, showed aggression,” confirms Tatyana Bronzova. “He’s not a good person at all.” Cheerful among friends. And if someone contradicts him, then he can hit. And then one does not understand who is in front of him – a man, a woman or an old man. He was repeatedly taken to the police. Incidentally, he was in the army. He beat an elderly veteran who made a remark to him. So that Misha would not be sent to prison, his father sent him to the army. Later, Efremov dismissed his son from the theater because he crippled one man – hit him in the groin hard. That person cannot have children. A criminal case was opened against Misha, but they closed it thanks to the connections of Oleg Efremov.

– Michael could hit a woman?

– Sure. And beat his wives. Everything was. Eugene Dobrovolskaya took a lot from him. I came to the theater with a black eye, and we knew who put the black eye on her. His fourth wife Ksenia Kachalina had a very bad influence on him. She brought him to drugs. I remember going on tour with the theater. The play “Boris Godunov“. Misha played the Pretender. And suddenly he comes to me in the morning: “I can’t play today. Call Andrey Panin from the second composition. ” I ask: “What happened?” “My throat is very sore. I’m barely breathing. ” I called a doctor. The doctor then tells me: “What a cold, everything is burnt. This is cocaine. He took excess, breathed in. ” Then we first encountered this. I told everything to Oleg Efremov so that he would pay attention. He did not believe me. And then he soon fired his son from the theater.

Efremov’s fourth wife, actress Ksenia Kachalina.  Photo: Konstantin KRYMSKIY / TASS

Efremov’s fourth wife, actress Ksenia Kachalina. Photo: Konstantin KRYMSKIY / TASS


Efremov was married five times, he has six children.

1. The first wife was actress Elena Golyanova.

2. The second time he married philologist Asa Vorobyeva. At couples son Nikita was born.

3. The third wife was actress Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. In this marriage, the son Nikolai appeared.

4. The fourth wife – actress Ksenia Kachalina, gave birth to a daughter, Anna Maria.

5. The current wife is sound engineer Sofya Kruglikova. Three children were born in this marriage: Vera (2005), Nadezhda (2007), Boris (2010).

Actress Natalia Negoda conquered Michael in the mid-80s.  Photo: Still from the film.

Actress Natalia Negoda conquered Michael in the mid-80s. Photo: Still from the film.

But there was another case

An affair with Little Faith

“Efremov lived with actress Natalya Negoda for several years in the mid-80s, who became a sex symbol after the film Little Faith,” journalist Yevgeny Dodolev told KP. – She is the first Soviet actress to star in Playboy. No wonder that she attracted the attention of Misha. But Natasha by type is such a woman-daughter. She needed a man-father, and Misha is not the man who can patronize and protect. And Misha drank very much. I remember how he rode around the tables in the restaurant and shouted that he was Batman.

All the drunken tricks of Mikhail Efremov.The accident, in which the actor Mikhail Efremov fell, is the most tragic, but not the first result of his love of booze.


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