Fries are not served in Japan

There is a shortage of potatoes in Japan, so crispy ramen noodles are served instead of the fries in Burger Kings there.

A completely different garnish has been introduced at the popular fast food restaurant, so now in Japan, instead of the classic hamburger-french fries combo, they offer crispy ramen noodles for sandwiches. However, customers aren’t really thrilled with the new idea, writes Vince.

If you only have crispy ramen in Burger King, you might prefer to go to McDonalds

A guest told CBS.

But before Burger King came up with the crispy ramen, he experimented with quite a few things. For example, cooked ramen, grilled squid, apple pie. Yes, the latter was also intended to replace french fries, but understandably it didn’t work out at all.

Other fast food chains are facing similar problems, partly due to problems around supply chains, partly due to stronger-than-expected demand, and partly due to high food prices. And there are places where the weather is disturbing, so it happened in the Australian KFCs, where cabbage is offered to guests instead of salad.

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