From actress in ‘There is no one alive here’ to queen of bodybuilding

With the arrival of Netflix a few weeks ago ‘There is no one living here’, many fans of the series had the opportunity to remember and enjoy again the protagonists of one of the most beloved series on our television. We have not lost track of many of the actors and actresses who participated in the comedy during these years, such as Fernando Tejero placeholder image O Vanesa Romero. But there are some who after the end of fiction in 2006 have been lost in oblivion to a greater or lesser extent.

It is the case of Denise Maestre, the interpreter in charge of giving life to Candela ‘Candy Candy’ Heredia. As an inhabitant of 2º B of the television building on Desengaño 21 street, the woman from Barcelona appeared in twelve episodes of the fifth and final season of the series.

Denise Maestre, in a scene from ‘Here there is no one who lives’. (Netflix)

Before that role, the young Barcelona actress had debuted alongside Rosa Maria Sarda in the series ‘Abuela de verano’ and later would appear in other successful national productions such as ‘Central Hospital’ or ‘Tell me how it happened’. His last appearance on the small screen was in ‘Physics or Chemistry’, where he played the role of Peque.

Now Denise has surprised all those who had not followed her career behind the cameras with his new professional facet. As we can see through her Instagram account, the Catalan now dedicates herself body and soul to body-building and participate in competitions bodybuilding and bodyfitness, in addition to practicing the powerlifting.

With the image of the Marvel superhero She-Hulk As an Instagram profile photo, while from her stories she denounces the poor conditions of workers in ‘fast fashion’ companies, Denise shares with her followers images of your workouts and your daily routines.

For her almost 15,000 followers, which will surely increase with all the news that is appearing about her, this champion of the catalan bodybuilding cup in the senior bodyfitness category shows off his well-worked muscles accompanied by phrases like “Bikini and posing mornings are back.”

In an interview for Antena 3 News, Denise explained how had your conversion to bodybuilding been, saying that “I tried it, it went very well and I said ‘this is my thing'”. During her brief return to television, the former actress noted that “With good nutrition and good training, my body was developing”, and ensures that he eats seven or eight meals per day, which is about 3,500 calories per day.

Since then, her efforts have been rewarded by her various accolades – she has been fifth in the Spanish Bodyfitness Championship– and also offers even online consultancies from personal training that promise great changes, like the one she herself has experienced.