From Algeciras to Santiago de Compostela for rare diseases: From Algeciras to Santiago de Compostela for rare diseases | Radio Algeciras | Present

Is named Pedro Hidalgo Calvente and it’s from Algeciras. He recently got to know a project called Diagnostic Objective, which encouraged him to consider a solidarity objective that would serve to give visibility and solidarity to those rare diseases that lack budgets or funds for research. You will start the Camino de Santiago from Algeciras with 51 stages and 1,300 kilometers ahead.

“My idea is to do the Strait road that goes through Tarifa up to Tahivilla, Benalup, the sierra and that then enters the Augusta road, the road that goes from Cádiz to Seville. From there, do the Camino de la Plata. I am considering each stage. The departure will be on July 1 from the Plaza Alta at 8:15 in the morning “Pedro admits that he is not an athlete,” I am simply passionate about sports and nature. Mentally this is going to play an important trick. I will be considering stage by stage “.

The way to collaborate is very simple by accessing the Diagnostic Objective website where, safely, donations can be made.

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