From boxing to football, the (r) evolution of the Arab world


football-world-Arab-institute-exposition.JPGThis is a new adventure around sport that starts today with the Echosport News and a return on news that make sport a major societal player.

We open our edition with a return to the Paris Marathon held on Sunday and records fallen with also challenges. That of a woman: Anaïs Quémener who finished third in the race with a time of 2'47 '53 she who had to face and conquer a cancer in 2016 showed that she was more than ever a fierce and passionate fighter . A good example for all those who fight against the disease. Another athlete to have boxed the prejudices and ward off fate: the Iranian Sadaf Khadem who writes history by becoming the first Iranian woman to win a boxing match, and this feat took place on the tricolor ground alongside the multiple world champion and now coach Mahyar Monshipour. Last Saturday in Royan, the duo won the ring in the name of all those we want to silence. The Iranian boxer was speaking to "dedicate this victory to all the men and women who gave their lives to defend their country, Iran" and add "Women can cross mountains if they want." Note that since this victory, the Iranian government has issued an arrest warrant against coach Mahyar Monshipour.

After boxing, football and football with our focus of the week which is dedicated to the exhibition that opened on April 10 and continues until July 21 at the Institute of the Arab World. Football and the Arab world with the round-robin revolution to discover for all ages through eleven parts that make up the exhibition as the eleven players of a team. Who better than the curator of the exhibition to talk about it?

This is the video focus of the week, to discover here with the passionate expertise of Aurélie Clémente Ruiz:

We remain with the round ball to salute the performance of the French women's team UNSS who became vice-champion of the world of football after losing to the German team. At the same time, in basketball, the French women's team that qualified for the quarterfinals of the world basketball school after its 63-47 win over Slovenia. And one last point on the challenge raised during the championships of France of shared sport climbing which were held from April 1st to 3rd in Caen. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry college students from Varennes-sur-Allier climbed the summits. Two years after the birth of "Share the Mountaineering", this wonderful project launched by Thibault Billard, professor of EPS and Céline Bel, coordinator ULIS (localized units for inclusive education) has resulted in a national title. The aim of the project was to enable twenty or so valid and disabled students to discover climbing. It is now done with a feat on the clock and an unforgettable human adventure that shows that school sports, solidarity and surpassing oneself agree perfectly.

Overcoming of oneself, it will just be discussed in a few weeks with the French Federation of Corporate Sport which will hold its National Summer Games in Martinique from 8 to 12 May. Multi-sports event taking place every two years, the Corporate Sport Games are available summer and winter and welcome in a spirit of sports, convivial and festive employees regardless of size, sector or activity. status of their structure.


For several days, in the same host city, employees confront each other in individual and collective sports and gather around moments of conviviality (opening ceremony, gala dinner).

The Games will also be an opportunity to showcase the cultural, sports and gastronomic heritage of the region in which the event takes place. Thus, outings and tourist excursions are planned throughout the week. There is still time to register by email:

And finally, last news before closing this edition. The fire that affected Notre Dame de Paris on Tuesday, April 16th and which gave rise to a general mobilization: politicians, companies, anonymous and sportsmen launched various initiatives to rebuild the building as quickly as possible. This is the case of PSG, which should create a collector's T-shirt paying homage to the most visited cathedral in France to help in fundraising.psg-notre-dame-fans-hommage.JPG

Paris Saint-Germain also expressed "admiration and solidarity with the firefighters of Paris, whose commitment and bravery have helped to overcome the flames and limit the extent of damage. The club will also provide support to firefighters in Paris. A message addressed to fire soldiers and shared by the entire population.

Article written in collaboration with Souad Soulimani.

Credits : FFSE, UNSS and ISF, Institute of the Arab World.


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