From Ebru Şancı to Lali Esposito who sent inappropriate photos to Messi!

World famous PSG star Lionel Messi added himself to his list of close friends on Instagram, dropping Latin musician Lali Esposito who shared inappropriate photos. Ebru Şancı, wife of Galatasaray star Alpaslan Öztürk, was not silent

I realized I saw the message too”
Lali Esposito explained her messages to People by including her list of “close friends” as follows: “There are things I don’t want to share with everyone. For example, I sometimes share silly jokes. Things are happening that might bother some people. One day I shared an erotic picture with my friends. I noticed that Messi also saw the message. When I checked again, Messi was no longer being followed. I like him a lot and follow his matches. Please don’t stop following me.”

“The best of the world”
When asked why he included Lionel Messi – who is married to Antonela Roccuzzo – on his ‘close friends’ list, the musician replied: ‘I like him a lot. The most beautiful in the world. It wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t added the most beautiful person in the world to my list of close friends.”

these “inappropriate” messages and discarded them. In the social networks, comments were made by “Family man Lionel Messi”. Messi has won the admiration of his fans after dumping the famous musician.

Ebru Şancı, the designer of Alpaslan Öztürk’s fashion wife who played at Galatasaray, was also not silent on this incident and shared the news amidst Messi and Lali, adding the phrase “Messi can’t eat this stuff”.

The choice of music in Ebru Şancı’s message also attracted attention.

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shared love pose Allantasaray Öztürk soccer player in 2015. Ebru shared loving pose. Şanci and his wife, who have three children in their marriage, celebrated their anniversary. 38-year-old Şancı shared his pose with his 28-year-old wife, writing:

“Tomorrow our 8th year will be a mess, let me celebrate ahead of time. Let my addict husband know.”