From Heaven to Hell – This is how Barbi Opitz’s life fell to pieces

The country recognized the young singer’s sparkling talent back in 2016, on the stage of the X-Factor. The then 17-year-old girl from Sonkád enchanted everyone with her special voice and innocent radiance, which she did not manage to keep for long. While her career went straight up after the talent show victory, Barbi’s increasingly bold and confident style already caused people to feel bad. The popular young girl soon became divisive: in addition to her fans, she had more and more critics, who sometimes commented on the young singer in a style that would not tolerate printing ink, especially her appearance and clothing.

While the camp of her envious and ill-wishers grew bigger and bigger, Barbi’s love life seemed to settle down and she seemed to find happiness with her chosen one. Barbi and her partner tried to live their budding love away from the public, until the young people broke up unexpectedly, and the singer’s abandoned ex took an ugly revenge against the celebrity. It just so happened that a nude video of the former winner of the X-Factor appeared on the Internet, which fundamentally shook Barbi’s career, her judgment and not least the young girl’s psyche. It is no wonder then that Barbi turned to the police after that. and filed a complaint against her former partner, who presumably resented the fact that Barbi found a new partner shortly after the breakup – or already during their relationship – in Albert Serleg, a popular tiktokker among young people. When it seemed that the storm clouds had passed over the singer’s head, fate dealt her another blow. It turned out that their relationship with his new love is not as rosy as many thought, and in the heat of an argument last December, Albert allegedly threatened the girl with death, who disappeared the next day, and even her family and closest friends could not find her. Barbi’s parents and her brother suspected a kidnapping and immediately tracked down the singer, who was eventually found not long after. Although her loved ones breathed a sigh of relief, Barbi’s ordeal is still not over.

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He turned against his family and especially his father, because he believed that the latter was the one who most wanted to blackmail his partner and portray Albert in a bad light. Reality was not far from imagination. Albert is said to have physically abused the singer several times, who once had enough and left the boy, but recently she gave Albert another chance and announced on her Instagram page that she is more in love than ever. Barbi’s father, Tamás, didn’t need more: it’s not enough that he learned from social media that his daughter was back in the clutches of the “Satanist” – as he calls Albert – but he even denies everything that the boy did to her. The head of the Opitz family publicly declared war on his daughter’s partner and dished out Barbi and Albert’s toxic relationship in a TikTok video. However, by doing so, he only dug an even bigger gap between his daughter and her family. In the meantime, Barbi’s fans followed the events in shock, some were on the father’s side, some were on the side of the lovers. However, most people turned against Barbi, which escalated to the point that yesterday a group of six attacked the singer and a friend in a shopping center in Budapest. After this, we can only hope that Barbi’s crime-worthy story will not be expanded with more and more unexpected twists…

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2023-06-02 04:07:02