From ice cubes to the air-conditioning: Seat recalls, as previously chladilo

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The cooling system should be tasked to first protect the engine, the comfort of the crew began to think about until much later.

The first cooling system in the design of the car appeared in 1884, its mission, however, definitely not increase the comfort of the crew. The device, which worked with ice, namely, to prevent overheating of the engine.

The comfort of the crew began to think about until much later, roughly in the 40. years of the twentieth century. By the time you left the American Willis Haviland Carrier patented the first air conditioning units that customers could leave install into their cars. But it certainly was no cheapness.

The price of air conditioning units for the automobile at the time could move around the amount of $ 300, which were in the 40. years of big money. If you were not among the elite, you had to rely on the considerably simpler solution – downloaded windows.

And here we come to the Seat 1400 in 1953, whose crew make life easier for the two triangular windows in the front doors. This was designed so that when swung towards the cool flowing air to the palms and arms of the driver and front seat passenger. To the feet then the air from the radiator, at least if it was the heat turned off.

To greater expansion of air conditioning contributed to the company Nash-Kelvinator, which focused directly on the air conditioning in the car and started to supply greater amounts of carmakers.


The first Seatem, which could be on the customer already from the factory equipped with air conditioning, in 1973, became the model 132. In addition to air conditioning, however, the model 132 was also the sun visors with a unique design. Instead of the traditional imposition of the hinge were aperture stored directly in the upholstery of the ceiling, from which they were connected. Part of the aperture in addition reached up to the sides, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Significantly more sophisticated air conditioning system, however, in 1993 offered to the second generation model Ibiza. Still, although it was not possible to set the exact temperature, however, the system cools more or less depending primarily on the speed of the fan. Moreover, the system performs an important safety function: with its ability to remove from car interior moisture because effectively prevent fogging of the windscreen.

From the nineties, but let’s move to the present, when the new generation of the Seat Leon offers features loaded třízónovou air conditioning Climatronic. “The air conditioning in the new model of Leon you can make your own comfortable temperature, we recommend 22 °C, set not only the driver but also the passengers front and rear,“ explains Eva Villarová, konstruktérka air conditioning systems in the company Seat.

The air conditioning system is also equipped with many sensors (outdoor and indoor air temperature, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure and humidity), which can regulate the activity of individual components so as to maintain the set temperature regardless of external conditions.

Owners of plug-in hybrid models in addition, can air conditioning set up remotely, which will get longer to cool the car. The designers, however, also thought of the safety of the crew. The system is equipped with a sensor of air quality which can automatically close the outside air intakes and automatically switches to internal recirculation. About cleaning the air in the cabin with the old system of Air Care, which even can remove some of the allergens.

However, the development of air-conditioning units in cars is far from over. “In a few years it will be possible to insert into the system a profile with a variety of data users, from height and weight through the clothes until after the metabolism and usual habits, and the system will learn from every situation, to always maintain the optimum comfort,“ offers an interesting vision of the press release of the company Seat.



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