From June 27th the theater will be on vacation

BIRDS by Wajdi Mouawad (Photo: © Matthias Stutte)

Krefeld/Moenchengladbach. The theater box offices are still occupied up to and including June 26th. On August 8th, the pre-sale for all free sale performances of the new season begins.

The long summer break of the community theater begins on Monday, June 27th. The theater box offices will open again on Monday, August 8th – this will start the advance sale for all open sale performances of the new season; the employees are also happy to provide information about subscriptions.

The new season will open in Krefeld on September 3 with the play “Everything else you know from the cinema” by the British playwright Martin Crimp, staged by Christoph Roos, the new theater director of the theaters in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. The play is based on Euripides’ drama “The Phoenicians”, the famous tragedy about Oedipus and his sons Eteocles and Polynices and their merciless war for Thebes.

The music theater opens the season on September 4th in the Mönchengladbach Theater with a new production of Richard Wagner’s masterpiece “The Flying Dutchman”, directed by Roman Hovenbitzer, under the musical direction of GMD Mihkel Kütson. After “Lohengrin” and “Die Walküre – Act 1” in recent years, not only Wagnerians should look forward to this program highlight. Johannes Schwärsky can be seen in the title role.

The last events of the current season include the play “Three Sisters” on June 17, 23 and 25 in Mönchengladbach, the music festival “Music Made in Krefeld @ Theater” on June 18, the French opera “The Conversations of the Carmelites ” on June 21 in Mönchengladbach and the farewell production by director Matthias Gehrt, the modern family drama “Vögel”, to be seen on June 21, 24 and 26 in Krefeld.

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