From June 9 in bars, restaurants, gyms … Everything about the QR code of TousAntiCovid, the daily health pass

Taste, you are scanned! From June 9, the fight against the spread of the virus will be done using QR Code. The day when the sports halls will be able to open where bars and restaurants will be authorized under 50% gauge constraint to put the cover back inside, the QR Code reflex will be required.

We had already known the reminder or follow-up book on which, between the two lockdowns of March-April and October, restaurant customers were invited to leave their contact details in order to prevent any cluster occurrence. We will therefore have the digital version from June 9!

Each person who enters a restaurant, bar or gym must have the reflex to scan a QR Code – supposed to be highlighted at the entrance of each establishment – with their smartphone using the TousAntiCovid application.

Health geolocation

Digital at the service of tracking the epidemic: that’s the idea. The customer who sacrifices himself to this QR Code rite before a good meal or a hell of a sweat on the sports mat will thus be considered as present in the establishment – between 2 hours for the restaurants and 12 hours for the sports halls.

This health geolocation is supposed to make it possible to control the epidemic. Two scenarios: a customer of the establishment that you attended turns out to be positive in the following days, an orange alert message is sent to you. If three people you have passed are positive, the alert is red to encourage you to get tested quickly, to limit social interactions (isolation) and naturally monitor the occurrence of any symptoms.

No Big Brother Drift

Tracing or coping? In order to anticipate the “Big Brother drift” trials, Cédric O, the Secretary of State in charge of the digital transition, first recalled that the digital tool – TousAntiCovid – had been approved by the CNIL. The Minister also certifies that there will not be “ location history, but only the correlations made between the different QR codes, and all data is erased after 15 days.

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The fact remains that, for the time being, the TousAntiCovid application – whose corn was already to track and alert its users who may have been in contact with people infected with the virus, and therefore contagious – has for the moment was downloaded by only 16 million French people. The effectiveness of this call for health citizenship, via the QR Code reflex, can only be maximum if all French people agree to play the game. The future will tell if this digital anti-covid tool will be more effective than the famous notebooks. monitoring that bar and restaurant owners were supposed to submit to their customers, without being able to naturally force them to identify themselves and leave their contact details.

Gadget or citizen innovation? To be continued !