From June in Austrian pharmacies, HIV self-tests will soon allow you to buy from us?

From June in Austrian pharmacies, HIV self-tests will soon allow you to buy from us?

In Austria, HIV self-tests may be purchased in pharmacies starting in June. The Ministry of Health confirmed a report of the “Salzburger Nachrichten”. An initially discussed sales in drugstores, however, was rejected. ► In the self-tests, an infection can be detected about twelve weeks after infection. In Germany, the German AIDS Aid expects the release of the self-tests for sale in the course of the year. “The experts agree that it would be useful,” said spokesman Holger Wicht. The sooner the infection is detected, the better. Infected could no longer transmit the disease in a therapy.
According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute, approximately 12,700 people in Germany live with HIV without knowing it. Altogether, almost 90,000 people in the Federal Republic are infected with the causative agent of the immunodeficiency syndrome Aids. In this country, tests on HIV can only be carried out in laboratories so far. Before the test, medical information must be provided.
Nevertheless, HIV home tests are available to everyone over the Internet.

Photo: picture alliance / BSIP “data-zoom-src =” “/> HIV home test Photo: picture alliance / BSIP

Are home tests recommended? Dr. Ursula Sellerberg by the Federal Association of German Pharmacist Associations (ABDA) : “Home tests for serious diseases such as HIV and cancer are generally critical. Even if they are 99.9 percent accurate according to the manufacturer, that means that one out of every thousand results is wrong. And imagine, you are that ONE affected person! There is always a residual risk at home tests, both false negative and false positive results can be displayed. ” What is problematic in an HIV home test? Sellerberg : “In the interpretation of the test. Imagine doing this test in the home bathroom and it turns out to be positive. Who will catch you then, who cares about you? I find it difficult to be rational in such a situation and not to make ill-considered emotional decisions. You should always have tests for serious illness done at the doctor’s and, if possible, in the company of a trusted person. “

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