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Home World "From Libya, refugees and non-migrants"

"From Libya, refugees and non-migrants"

There is a frond, within the executive, that wants to counter the hard line dictated by Matteo Salvini to counter illegal immigration. In fact, the vice premier grillino has been lined up against the closure of Italian ports to NGO ships Luigi Di Maio both the Minister of Defense Elisabetta Trenta. A cross attack on the measures wanted by the number one of the League that led to the zeroing of landings on the Italian coasts.

"I have just returned from a trip to the Horn of Africa, I had been in Niger for a short time: in these countries we have incredible population growth rates, a population doubling by 2030. How we think we can manage this future with port closures? It is impossible, we must work on an alternative solution ". The statements made by the Trenta to the microfondi of Circus Maximus on Radio Capital the defense minister Elisabetta Trenta follows the attack launched by Di Maio from the columns of Corriere della Sera, but they sink with greater violence. Both consider the closure of the ports an exceptional measure that cannot be protracted forever and, while the clashes in Libya are becoming more and more bloody, they seek the pretext to return to reopen the borders. "I'm not the one who says 'let's open to everyone', absolutely not – explains the Minister of Defense – but let's think about the future because sooner or later this future gets out of hand".

The position taken by the Trenta comes at a delicate moment for Italy. In Libya, as he wrote long ago The Eyes of War, there are 800 thousand present immigrants ready to leave to reach our country. In these hours, according to a background published yesterday by the Corriere della Sera, the 007 Italians would have delivered to the premier Giuseppe Conte a dossier that hypothesizes a first wave of 6 thousand foreigners. Some unscrupulous traffickers are already gearing up to put them into the sea. The danger was also confirmed by the director of Aise, Luciano Carta, in his hearing at the Copasir and regards immigrants locked up in detention centers or in those for refugees. Even for the defense minister "the danger of increasing landings is absolute", but still hopes that it can be found "a European solution" to solve theemergency.

Between Salvini and the Thirty the differences are abysmal. And not just about closing the ports. Also on the subject of hospitality the two are not exactly on the same wavelength. "If we were to go to war, we would not have migrants but refugees," Defense Minister commented on Radio Capital – and refugees must be welcomed ". Also on the war in Libya the stomach pains of the Northern League were not lacking, accusing her of not doing enough. "On these occasions diplomacy, which is always necessary, must be brought to the highest levels – she indirectly replies – it is not useful to use these opportunities to do politics, but we must all work in the same direction". For some time, however, there are those who tear to get more space. So much so that, even on the dramatic execution of the carabiniere in Foggia, the Trenta does not fail to pull away: "Someone needs to focus much more on the security of the country …".

The attacks of the Trenta do not leave Salvini indifferent. Who, struggling with yet another judicial blitz, sends back to the sender the interference of the government colleagues reiterating, with a hint of impatience, that as long as he sits at the Viminale, "the ports will remain closed". That of the management of theimmigration has long been the cause of a government crisis. It has already been at the time of the vote of the Security decree and the authorization to proceed on the Diciotti case. And today, a few months before the European elections, it could really make the majority detonate. So much so that Salvini himself, when they talk to him, limits himself to shaking his head and saying "I do not know…". On the other hand, on the opposite front, it has politicians like the Trenta who do not spare one. Even today, in front of the bellyache of the Northern League for the declarations against the closure of the ports, it started to goad even further: "I can invite them all to me, to the ministry, so I explain to them a little international law and maybe they understand what their aggressive tones on Libya can produce".


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