“From now on all points are blood and fire”

“By blood and fire.” This is how, from now on, the points that remain between now and the end of the championship. This is how Javier Aguirre, the Mallorca coach, has defined the matches that lie ahead for his team. “Indeed, each game is or seems final,” he acknowledged.

The Mexican preparer, who has confirmed the loss of Valjent “because he continues with a kidney problem due to the blow he received in the Elche match”, has also ratified the presence, in the callby Tino Kadewere: “He has worked well throughout the week. He had a virus that caused nausea and vomiting, but he has already trained normally.”

Aguirre valued the rival they are facing this Sunday, a Betis that arrives at the match against Mallorca after being eliminated from the Europa League, a circumstance that the rojillo coach did not know how to assess as something positive or negative: “Well, who knows. If they pass you think that they can arrive euphoric and happy with the fans, and if they fall, you think that perhaps they go with the mentality that they cannot lose two games. The only thing that is clear to me is that Betis is an author’s team. A team that recognizes the work of its engineer: very good treatment of the ball, they defend well with the ball, with very good judgment. They have good possessions and a lot of talent inside. It is a team that likes to have the ball and never rushes. They also have many variants on the bench, but always with a very recognizable style.”

questioned by el regreso de Muriqi, After the sanction he served in the match against Real Sociedad, Aguirre positively valued his return, but He did not give clues about who will accompany the Kosovar at the point of attack: “Gio will play for Valjent, but up we’ll see. We are lucky that Tino, Abdón and Ángel do not allow Muriqi to relax. Each one has its characteristics. Tino is going well at the top, but perhaps he lacks bodywork. Abdón did very well in the last game and perhaps he is the closest thing to Vedat and Ángel, I would like them to see with the enthusiasm that he carries out each training session. I am clear about the team that is going to play, but I’m not going to say it.”

Who did ensure will be part of the eleven it’s a kang in lee that he is going through “a great moment”. “In this team the collective always prevails over any figure, but it is true that Right now perhaps we are at the moment of Kang In Lee and I understand that it is our job to know how to benefit from it. Throughout the season we have had very good moments for several of our players and The ideal would be to coincide those good moments of all”.

Vasco has also referred to the seven players on his squad who will pack their bags on Monday to answer the call from their respective teams. Although Aguirre has indicated that for now it is not something that he has planned, si has shown his concern about how fair two of his “usual” footballers will arrive at the match against Osasuna. “Without a doubt the worst part is with the Uruguay-Korea that takes place in Seoul, with two players who usually play. We will see how we plan this time without footballalthough there will be time to deal with it and worry about it”, he has settled.