From Ostrava to the sea? With Smartwings up to seven times more expensive than from Katowice

This is shown by a simple comparison of ticket prices from Ostrava and Katowice to Burgas in Bulgaria or to Crete to Heraklion. While the ticket with Smartwings from Mosnov Airport in Crete costs CZK 8,154, the Polish state carrier LOT offers a direct flight from Katowice to Heraklion for CZK 1,194. There are similar differences in Burgas, where, in addition to LOT from Katowice, Wizz Air also flies.

Smartwings, which fought for state aid in their Neberte křídla wing campaign, have repeatedly argued that if they ended, regional airports would also lose flights. Now it turns out that they will not lose the flights completely, but individual travelers will have to pay extra or fly from another airport: in the case of Ostrava from Katowice, in the case of Brno from Vienna. The carrier did not respond to questions on the pricing of flights from Ostrava.

Long-term problem with the price list

According to the sales director of Ostrava Airport, Stanislav Bujnovský, the Smartwings price list is a long-term problem that has been trying to tell them for years. “These are basically charter flights, 90 percent of the capacity is filled by travel clients. They are selling residual capacity at prices that are not completely understandable to us, “said Bujnovský. For individual travelers, Ostrava Airport is basically forbidden and chooses departures from Katowice, where there is significantly more competition.

In Ostrava, Smartwings will be the first to fly to Heraklion on Wednesday, and the Ryanair flight to London will begin on July 2.


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