From Rainer Winkler to the Dragon Lord: When virtual hatred becomes real –

2016: The Dragon Lord is a victim of cyber bullying and swatting

Toys, digital subscriptions, worn socks, pig guts, electronic items, hats with the IS logo: all of this was sent to the Dragon Lord without ever having ordered it. In addition, emergency calls were made to the police in the name of the dragon lord, in which there was talk of fire or emergency situations and a large number of emergency services were on the scene. The so-called swatting calls and orders went back to a then 24-year-old man from Lower Saxony. The defendant was charged, among other things, with spying on and falsifying data, fraud through illegal orders for goods with stolen credit card data totaling tens of thousands of euros, possession and distribution of child pornography, sedition, the abuse of emergency calls and cyberbullying . He was sentenced to four years in prison.

Click here for the article about the court process.

Read the article on cyber bullying and swatting here.

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