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While the stage will be the Demonstration lot located in San Francisco, Córdoba, the public will participate in a virtual way, due to the need to comply with social distancing. The good news, this event will be nourished with information for silo from the multiple trials that the firm has throughout the country. Thus, this DAR will be structured in 4 thematic blocks.

In the first block, Nicolás Lista and Marcelo Chiaraviglio, both KWS Commercial Technical Representatives, will present the proposal offered by the KWS portfolio for silo producers, for the area of ​​Córdoba and Santa Fe. For their part, John Bauzer, from trials in the province of Buenos Aires will do the same for producers in that area.

?? Our specific selection for silo hybrids allow us respond to the needs of the producer and thus accompany him by providing advice and technical support, so that in this way you can make your decisions with total freedom. Within the proposal? You choose?, The hybrids with Silera Aptitude are the specific ones for producers who know that they are going to chop that batch and seek high quality yields. We also present graniferous hybrids with Silent Aptitude for those who prefer to decide the destination with more flexibility? assured Ing. Agr. M.Sc. Federico Larrosa, Brand and Product Manager of KWS Argentina.

Within the Density block, Lucas Scozzina and Mauricio Acosta from KWS, will present the interaction between density, quality and volume of chopping. The firm has been working for years on the selection of hybrids that maintain high yields of digestible dry matter with medium to low densities.

To its turn, Santiago Vacca, from the KWS Product Positioning area, will show the results obtained with different fertilization strategies in silent corn, explaining why properly fertilizing corn for silage is a good investment.

The fourth and last block will feature the participation of two referents who will present the analysis of the years of research carried out in conjunction with KWS. Thus, Dr. Claudio Razquin, from the Univ. Nac. de Villa María, will talk about how the interaction between density and cut window define the quality of the silage. Furthermore, Dr. Luis Bertoia, from the Univ. Nac. de Lomas de Zamora will show what was the genetic progress in potential yield in silo. ?? When we want to choose a hybrid for silage we must look for characteristics that differ greatly from those sought in a material whose objective is the production of grains ??, he says.

This virtual modality will allow each DAR to show the agronomic management applied in different environments at the country level. The next DAR KWS will be on ?? Potential and Stability ?? (March) and ?? Health and Stability ?? (April). For more information enter


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