from the Canadian model to the Australian “no deal”

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The Australian model is just a way of dressing up the idea of ​​a break without agreement, carefully avoiding expression “No deal”.

Michel Barnier, Chief Brexit Negotiator: “Boris Johnson and we both say that we want to avoid any distortion of competition.” FRANCOIS LENOIR / REUTERS

Since the Brexit referendum, London has been looking for a model to define its future relations with the European Union. The Swiss and Norwegian models, long praised by supporters of leaving the EU, have been abandoned for the too strong alignment they imply with the rules laid down in Brussels, synonymous with a “soft” Brexit. In contrast, the Singapore-on-Thames model promises a liberal and deregulated state at the gates of the EU.

Past Theresa May’s ranting on a tailor-made Brexit “blue White Red”, we turned to a so-called “Canadian” model, inspired by the free trade treaty signed in late 2016 between Ottawa and the EU, the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). But here is that Boris Johnson evoked, Monday, “A business relationship comparable to that of Canada or more like that of Australia”. And to add: “I have no doubt that in both cases the UK will prosper”. What is it all about?

Agreement modeled on Canada’s would allow trade

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