FROM THE CLUBS – Bad Krozingen


A German master

At the German Roller Ski Mountain Running Championship in Seebach, Jonathan Göppert from WSC Breisgau-Staufen ran an outstanding race and secured the title of German Junior Champion by a large margin on the difficult 7.5-kilometer route. With the second best time of all participants, he was only narrowly beaten in the overall standings by the men’s winner. Simeon Göppert took an excellent third place in the men’s class and was fifth overall. According to a press release, the WSC Breisgau-Staufen was very well represented with ten starters on two championship days. Also over 7.5 kilometers, Oscar Mac Namara achieved a very good fourth place in the U18 youth class and Lorenz Leppla came seventh in the U16 class. Marc Leppla finished fifth in the men’s class 51. Helena Leppla, Lucia Martens, Maximus Stein, Emilio Martens and Karl Mac Namara, who came in 6th place in the students’ master class, achieved very good results in the two-kilometer run by the students.

Donated awnings

The official handover of two sun sails from the Lions Club Bad Krozingen-Staufen to the specialist clinic Münstertal in Staufen recently took place. With this donation on the initiative of Thomas Lorscheid, the stay of the children of the facility for mother / father-child cures on the playground in strong sunlight is to be made more bearable. According to a press release, this was welcomed with great thanks by those responsible, as one was dependent on donations for such purchases, as they would not be reimbursed by the sponsors. The members of the service club were impressed when they visited the clinic. The house can accommodate up to 66 families from all over Germany, namely mothers and fathers with children with a wide variety of disabilities, special educational needs and behavioral problems, but also families with healthy children, in order to relieve and strengthen parents. Lions President Hans-Jörg Schelb emphasized that the specialist clinic with its very committed staff made a significant contribution to mutual open interaction and the inclusion of children with disabilities.

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It starts again

The chessless time due to Corona is also coming to an end for the Staufen chess club. The chess club is looking for chess players who want to compete with the children playing chess in a team in the district class D (the lowest class) of the Freiburg chess district in the coming season. The Staufen chess club is a very small club with eleven members and took part in the association round in the district class D in the 2019/2020 season. Participation in the youth championships of the U 8, U 10 and U 12 is also planned again. The club again invites you to the game evenings on Wednesdays from 7 p.m. in the restaurant “Zum Zollstock”. Guest players are welcome. The Staufen chess club used to be very successful and even played in the regional league – the club would like to build on this time.

Further information from the chairman Günter Raske at Tel. 07634/4628


Cultivation on your own

In the joint work of many hardworking hands, an extension has been created in the Bürgersaal of the Staufen district of Wettelbrunn. It has now been officially inaugurated during the general assembly. Deputy Mayor Helmut Zimmermann praised the commitment of the club community; around 25 helpers pulled the extension up in 450 hours of work. This includes, among other things, the construction of a path around the citizens’ hall and the laying of the floor for the extension, painting and attachment of the wooden slats to clad the facade and the interior. Tables, chairs, machines and other material that is used by the associations at events in the citizens’ hall are now stored here.

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