From the courtroom to freedom. The court released a woman accused of murdering her husband

Valérie Bacotová grew up in harsh conditions. In 1996, as a 12-year-old girl, she was raped by her stepfather, Daniel Polette, who was twenty-five years older. “One morning in the dining room, he started screaming because I was wrong to put together the toys. He turned to me and slapped me hard without warning, “Bacot describes in her book Tout le monde savait (Everyone knew it) one of the countless cases where he was harassed by his stepfather. For the crime committed, the rapist was sent to bars for two and a half years. But that was not the end of it. After his release, the man returned to his family.

At the age of seventeen, Valérie became pregnant for the first time. During the following years, she involuntarily married Polette and gave birth to four children. But they did not have a happy life, for decades a woman still experienced physical and mental violence and had to prostitute under pressure from a man. Polette carefully watched all the scenes and controlled every step and movement of his wife.

The fateful incident took place in 2016 in their car. One of the clients behaved particularly cruelly during sex at the time, Valérie tried to react in response defend. The disgruntled man then left quickly, but an angry Polette began threatening his own wife to kill her. But Valerie was faster and killed him first.

She fired a bullet in his neck also because she was afraid that their joint daughter might come next, the story of 40-year-old Bacot’s foreign media describes. Bacot confessed voluntarily to her husband’s murder, and also told her children about the crime, who also helped bury their father’s body.

The woman was threatened with life for the murder of the torturer, but yesterday a French court released her. The prosecution demanded five years of imprisonment for the French woman, four of which were conditional. However, the court decided to send her to prison for four years, three of them conditionally. However, the woman had already spent a year in custody and was therefore released directly from the courtroom. But Bacot faces a form of supervision, mandatory prescribed medical care, and a ban on owning a weapon.

“Valérie Bacot could not endure a life of terror, she must be sentenced without re-arrest,” the AFP agency quoted Prosecutor Eric Jallet as saying. The defendant herself claimed in court that her husband had been killed.

People shouted the victorious “Bravo” after the verdict was announced, and the defendant’s family and loved ones applauded the court’s solution with applause, some of them even crying. The French newspaper Le Parisien wrote that Bacot was sick after the plaintiff’s speech and collapsed in tears.

After her release, the woman told reporters that her fight was not over. “I’m not relieved – I’m completely physically and mentally broken,” she said, adding that she wanted to return to her four children the most. According to lawyer Nathalie Tomasini, justice has been achieved. “It’s a huge victory for me that the woman is returning to her children tonight, and I’m very moved,” she said.

According to the American station CNN, the case of Valérie Bacot in France is often compared with a similar case by Jacqueline Sauvage, who is considered a symbol of victims of domestic violence. After 47 years of marriage, Sauvage shot her violent husband in September 2012. The court sentenced her to ten years in prison. Sauvage’s case provoked heated debate and protests in the country. In 2016, French President François Hollande pardoned her.