From the Daugava piers you can watch the sailing competition ‘Gulf of Riga Regatta’

On Monday, the first day of the competition for the Latvian Open Sailing Championship “Gulf of Riga Regatta” (GoRR) will take place in the water area of ​​the Gulf of Riga. 40 yachts from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will start, which are divided into three competition groups – LYS1, LYS2 and ORC, the organizers report.

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Throughout the day it is possible to watch competitions from Mangaļsala and Bolderāja piers. As the organizers of the regatta explain, the teams start in groups from the pier side and go towards the reception buoy and then back. Yachts will finish on the Daugava with spinnakers or sailboats. It is expected that the first finishes can be seen from 14.00.

“It is a nice surprise for the residents, who do not happen often, when the sea race can be watched so well from the shore.

In total, two less teams registered for the competition than originally planned. “Unfortunately, this year the pandemic has also had a significant impact on sailing. Many international competition teams were unable to attend, including both teams from Poland,” explains Kristine Kanska, Secretary General of the competition. She is glad that the strongest teams from Estonia and Lithuania, who are also world and European champions and will be represented in the ORC competition group, have found an opportunity to attend.

On Monday evening, the winners of the first stage of Riga will be awarded at the City Yacht Club, but already on Tuesday, on the second day of the competition, the participants of the regatta will go on to Roņu Island in Estonia. After that, on June 30, GoRR will return to Latvia and call at the port of Salacgriva for one night.

The final stop of the regatta will be in the yacht club of the Estonian city of Pärnu, where the regatta will leave on July 1 from Salacgriva. In Pärnu, the competition fleet will land for two days and on July 2, the coastal competition or the so-called wind-blown distances will take place. In the evening of July 2, at around 6 pm, the winners of this year’s GoRR regatta will be awarded, the Latvian Open Sailing Champions and the winners of the Livonian Cup will be determined.

This year, the organizers of the competition offer the opportunity to follow the regatta in real time, using the special tracking system Kwindoo.

Regatta program:
June 28 First day of the competition (Riga – Riga)
11.00 Warning signal on water (at sea)
~ 14.00 Finish on the Daugava, opposite the yacht club AUDA.

June 29 Second day of the competition (Riga – Roņu Island)
Warning signal on water (at sea)

June 30 Third day of the competition (Roņu sala – Salacgrīva)
Warning signal on water

June 1 Fourth day of competition (Salacgriva – Pärnu)
Warning signal on water

June 02 Fifth day of the competition (Pärnu – Pärnu)
Warning signal on water
~ 18.00 Awarding and closing of the competition in Pärnu Yacht Club