From the first shot to the silence of peace: Timeline of the First World War

PARIS – Unleashed by the murder of an Archduke, World War I gradually fused more and more lands, killing millions of soldiers and civilians and touching several continents.

Since the world is 100 years after the end of the fighting, let's take a look at some important moments in the First World War:


June 28: Serbian teenager Gavrilo Princip kills Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand

July 28: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

August 1: Germany declares war on Russia

August 3: Germany declares war on France

August 4: Germany invades Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany

August 23: Japan declares war on Germany

September: The Battle of the Marne stops the German advance in France

October 29: The Ottoman Empire enters the war

November: Beginning of the positional war

December 25: Unofficial Christmas break


February: The German submarine campaign marks the first major deployment of submarines in warfare

April: Allied troops land in Gallipoli (Turkey), a defining moment for Australians and New Zealand

April 22: First use of a chemical weapon, chlorine gas, near Ypres, Belgium

May 7: British ship Lusitania sunk by German submarine

May 23: Italy goes to war against Austria-Hungary

October: Bulgaria enters the war on the side of the Central Powers


February 21: Battle of Verdun begins

March 9: Germany declares war on Portugal

July 1: Battle of the Somme begins with the first mass deployment of tanks

August 27: Romania enters the war, is attacked by Germany

September 4: British take Dar es Salaam in German East Africa

October: Soldier Adolf Hitler injured

December 23: Allied forces defeat the Turks on the Sinai Peninsula


March: Baghdad falls Anglo-Indian troops

April 6: The United States declares war on Germany

April: Battle of Vimy Ridge, decisive moment for Canada

July: The last Russian offensive ends with the failure of the revolution; indecisive battle at Passchendaele in Belgium

October 15: Spy Mata Hari is executed by a French firing squad

October 26: Brazil declares war and joins the Allied powers

December: Battle for Jerusalem


March 3: The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends Russia's involvement in the war on the Eastern Front.

April 21: The legendary German fighter Red Baron was shot down and killed near Amiens (France)

June: Battle of Belleau Wood, crucial moment for the US military

July 21: German submarine fire on Cape Cod, just attacking the US mainland

September 26: The Battle of Maas-Argonne begins

October 30: Ottoman Empire signs ceasefire with Allies

October 31: Dissolution of Austria-Hungary

November 9: Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II. Kick back

November 11: Germany signs ceasefire to end the war


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