from the Porsche of Olona to the timeshare house of Teresa Rodríguez

From Macarena Olona’s Porsche Panamera to Teresa Rodríguez’s bus ticket, who does the Cádiz-Seville “at Comes”, as she has said more than once. More or less there would be the extremes of how much each candidate for the presidency of the Andalusian Government has. The fact that the main headliners of the regional elections on June 19 are already public officials allows us to know their current accounts or assets, for the sake of public transparency.

Imbroda declares 220,277 euros of income per year and a Porsche before entering the Andalusian Government

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Of course, as in this case it depends on when they took possession, not all the statements have the same date. Those of those who are deputies in the Andalusian Parliament (four of them) are from 2018, after the 2D elections; that of Macarena Olona, ​​deputy in Congress, of 2019; and that of Juan Espadas, the most recent, because it has been updated after being appointed senator by regional designation.

Spades your newly upgraded goods

Starting with the party with the most votes in the last regional elections, with Susana Díaz as the candidate of the PSOE at the time, the goods, activities and interests of the socialist John Swords they were public due to his status as mayor of Seville and he has updated them in the corresponding register of said institution after becoming a senator, the platform that has sought his training for the general secretariat in Andalusia.

He is a public employee of the Junta de Andalucía, in a situation of forced leave and declares to be in community property. In 2020, the last declaration of the definitive income and therefore the one that he has presented, he received 81,233.24 euros gross as mayor.

He has four homes (three in Seville and one in Cádiz) and a parking space, also in Seville. The last home in Seville corresponds to an inheritance from 2020. Of the one in Cádiz, acquired in 2010, he has slightly less than half of the mortgage left, that is, less than 100,000 euros. In current accounts he had 47,711 euros at the time of taking office. He has a 2005 BMW 330. The candidate’s other savings are a private pension plan, with 48,537 euros, and the Senate plan, with 5,472, plus another law plan, with 32,686.

Moreno’s statement

For his part, the PP candidate, Juan Manuel Moreno, presented his last statement of this type in the registry of the Andalusian Parliament after the regional elections of 2018. The model and the details in this case are more concise and less verbose than those of the General Courts. The popular owns a home in Malaga and another in Madrid, the latter at 50%; two rustic buildings in Cártama (Málaga); a local, also in Malaga; and two more properties classified as “other urban properties”.

His balance in bank accounts was 8,500 euros when he became a parliamentarian after 2D. He is the beneficiary of a pension plan for 17,254 euros, while he barely owed a mortgage then: about 8,500 euros. He does not declare vehicle. In any case, he moves in an official car. He also does not declare his income for the last year, but they are public: 69,243.84 euros gross per year as president of the Andalusian Government.

Activities and assets of Marin

In the same register you can consult the declaration of activities, assets and interests of its vice president and candidate for Citizens, Juan Marín, a graduate in labor relations and who, before politics, has worked as a small businessman and commercial. He declared at that time, 2018, a pension fund with 3,768.10 euros. His vehicle, a Toyota Avensis, of which he contributes the value: just over 22,000 euros. He has a home, a shop, a rustic property and two other urban properties, all half or less, and all located in Cádiz, where he is from, specifically Sanlúcar de Barrameda. He also owed some mortgage: about 50,000.

Rodríguez, without a driver’s license

As for the number 1 for Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, is a secondary education teacher in a situation of special services. At the time of the declaration in 2018, she had 7,697.61 euros in bank accounts and a timeshare from an inheritance. She is well known to use public transport, and she does not have a driver’s license.

In general, it is, in fact, the one with the least of the six chosen because they have parliamentary representation. Like the other candidates who earn as deputies of the Andalusian Parliament, they received 3,261.53 euros gross per month from the chamber in 2021. There are many extras that raise the salary of deputies above 60,000 euros gross per year, something that she has criticized, such as charging allowances when there is no parliamentary activity.

Grandson’s assets

A total of 20,000 euros was the balance in current accounts of the parliamentarian Inmaculada Nieto at the same time. The head of the list of Por Andalucía, with a degree in Political Science and graduating with a Law degree, owns two homes at 50%. From the main one, she had just over 7,000 euros of mortgage left, while on the second home she had a credit of more than 50,000. Her vehicle: a Hyundai i30.

What has Olona

Finally, the Vox candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​is a state attorney in a special services situation, receiving the corresponding complement for seniority. She is authorized to participate in the media, without compensation, as a compatible activity. She received the year of taking office as deputy more than 120,000 euros gross for income from work.

This candidate does not have a home in Andalusia, but instead owns a duplex with a garage in Campello (Alicante), plus another house that she rents, and 98,000 euros in current accounts. She also stated in 2019 that she had received about 12,100 euros from the rental home, and she had a capital gain of more than 60,000 euros from the transfer of social shares. She has shares in Iberdrola and a pension plan with just over 2,500 euros. Her vehicle is a Porsche Panamera, of which she does not put the value, but on the market, currently, that car goes from 110,000 euros to more than 230,000. She also owes something. Of two mortgages of almost 200,000 euros, she had about 130,000 left to pay.