From Tuesday the temperature will drop to 10 degrees but the cold will not last

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Sunday morning very cold but very wet. A very large blanket of low clouds covers the sky all along the coast, in Central Catalonia and penetrates the Ebro valley to the plain of Lleida. The stagnation of the last days and the collision between the mass of warm air entering and the cold sea facilitate the formation of these clouds. As the hours go by, they will fade, but in some cases the sun will be hard to see and only at noon will it begin to appear.

This morning the temperatures below zero have been relegated to some valleys of the Pyrenees, where the heat inversion puts the coldest air at the bottom of the valley. Among today’s lows are the -3 degrees of Das, -2 of the Pont de Suert or -1 of the Seu d’Urgell. In many places along the coast and in the coastline it has not dropped below 10 degrees during the night. However, the clouds and the humidity will mean that at noon the day is not especially spring, the warm air is more noticeable in the Pyrenees. Yesterday among all the automatic stations that the AEMET has in Catalonia, the highest temperature was 21.7 degrees in Bossòst, in the Aran Valley, and the second highest was 21.3 in La Seu d ‘Urgell. Something similar could happen today.

One of the ingredients of this Sunday will also be the wind, especially in the south of the Costa Brava and the Maresme where in the afternoon you will hear garbí with beats of 40 or 50 km / h. This will not help to raise the thermal sensation even though clearings are opened.

Tomorrow the weather will change completely, the driest wind west wind will fade all these low clouds and cause a sudden rise in temperature near the sea. This Monday the warm air will be noticed in the east, at noon the temperature will rise above 20 degrees in many cases. The passage of a front will cloud the sky in many counties, but will only leave little rainfall on the northern slope of the Pyrenees and around the Ripollès region, with few drops or snowstorms. Tuesday will be a pretty busy day in the counties of Girona and Barcelona, ​​but there will also be little rainfall. There is no sign of a seven-day rainfall.

The highlight of next week will be the temperature changes. If it comes Monday the atmosphere will be spring, on Tuesday the temperature will drop sharply, between 5 and 10 degrees in general but even higher in the upper reaches of the Pyrenees. Frosts will reappear in the Pyrenees and in several inland regions, and by noon the thermometer will be below 15 degrees. The north wind and the mestral will accompany the change of weather between Monday evening and Tuesday, but will not blow with particularly strong gusts. The clear winter mood will last until Friday, but next weekend the weather maps clearly draw a new warm-air inlet that could have left the winter pretty cold already. Cold in small doses.



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