From Turki Al-Hamad’s tweet to Al-Jumhuriya newspaper article: What are the dimensions of the bickering between journalists in Saudi Arabia and Egypt?

February 5, 2023

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Post after post, Twitter debates, and underlined messages. Thus, the media and digital space in Egypt and Saudi Arabia turned into an arena for raging verbal exchanges, in which media professionals close to the authorities in the two countries exchanged accusations, in addition to recalling the “favors” of each country over the other.

Although the two countries are officially silent about this war of words, it has raised many questions and speculations about the existence of tension between Cairo and Riyadh.

In the midst of the continuous exchange between writers in the two countries, some went out to reduce the importance of these speculations, considering what is happening as mere “individual statements that do not reflect the reality of relations between the two countries.”

On February 4, the Emirati academic, Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, published a tweet in which he affirmed “the strength of relations between the two countries.”