From TV to courts: former “MasterChef” works as a journalist covering the case of Antonia Barra | TV and Show

The kitchen, the competition and the judges are now a memory for Josefa Barraza, contestant of MasterChef Chile that these days he works as a journalist covering the case of Antonia Barra.

“With the social outbreak I began to publish more and the notice came to me that I had been shortlisted for a scholarship for young journalism in a report on Sename,” the cook told the newspaper La Cuarta about her beginnings in the profession.

This week, Josefa got involved in one of the issues that has shaken the public opinion: the formalization of Martín Pradenas and the dramatic history of abuse of Antonia Barra.

“I realized that I like judicial journalism, they always delegate these topics to me, because I read all the files, I see the formalizations of up to eight hours,” added the current reporter for the program. The voice of those who are left over Usach radio.

Canal 13
Canal 13

In turn, he related how he learned about the reporting of the Courts of Justice: “For things in life, I was reporting on Sename and it started to attract my attention, then with the outbreak I saw the cases of the detainees and there I got more hooked” , said.

“Who would have thought that Josefa from MasterChef would end up covering judicial issues!He joked.

At the moment, at the age of 25 and with the situation in tow, Barraza is satisfied with the work done: “I am fine with what I do now, it is what I like, I do not see myself doing entertainment or politics, perhaps some sport , but for now I stay with the trials, “he said.

On his current relationship with the kitchen, he added: “(I cook) little, small things, more amateur, to pass the time, because it is something that relaxes me and, as they told me in ‘MC’, you do not have to work on what relaxes you”.


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