From Usca to Uca, Covid emergency doctors and trade unions against the ASP: “Irregular calls”

“Irregularities in the tenders for the recruitment of doctors and nurses in the Uca, the units that will ‘replace’ the more famous Usca, activated during the pandemic to manage people who tested positive for Covid”. This was reported by some doctors who also report that the notices were published on the ASP website for less than a day, sometimes for a few hours, not guaranteeing the necessary publicity for the calls.

Calls that, add by the SMI union, “discriminate only doctors who have worked in the Usca and do not take into account the qualifications and experience that, in the context of the single role, all the other professionals of the affiliated area have “. For the ASP, however, everything would be done regularly.

Even before the trade unions, some doctors told about their experience which, at this moment, seems to be coming to an end. “I’m leaving embittered. In Agrigento – reconstructs one of them who asks to remain anonymous – the announcement was published on September 16 with deadline on 24. Here in Palermo only a few have succeeded and for various difficulties. A call on 28 at 16.30 with deadline at 14 day following. I doubt the legal validity of this selection. It seems there have been errors that the ASP has recognized, so much so that the call has been canceled in self-defense by suspending it until new updates “.

“On 29 September – continues the doctor – the call for applications was reopened, around 4 pm. The questions could be submitted by 6 pm that same day. I had to reread a couple of times to realize the thing. We hurry to complete the questions. , but it turns out that many colleagues stayed out because they didn’t make it in time. The meeting was set for the following day, 2.30 pm. So the ASP had only one morning to receive all the questions, check them, register them and draw up the ranking according to the national collective agreement. On the 30th we were therefore summoned to via La Loggia, where potentially there could be thousands of people. The selections were made, there were still places to be assigned but the time was over “.

dry 4-2

The last update this morning, around 11, when a new notice appeared on the ASP website. “Since some places have become vacant – we read on the website of the provincial health company – at the decentralized offices, Rsa Piana degli Albanesi, islands, district houses, the doctors available to take on these positions are summoned today at 2.30 pm”. “A few hours. It is clear – underlines a PalermoToday the doctor – that those who work in the hospital, are on call or live outside Palermo cannot organize themselves within 3 hours. Maybe they want to assign them to those who have already notified and are ready to go to via la Loggia? It seems to me a situation out of the ordinary and out of any shred of legality. The ASP will no longer have my professionalism, not if it thinks it can treat people like fish in the face. Half of the colleagues will not continue to UCA due to the cuts. This is the welcome that the ASP gives to its doctors Usca after 2 and a half years of pandemic “.


The Sim, the Italian doctors union, announced that the procedures will be “assessed for compliance”, also in relation to “the inclusion of the expense item in the agreed area, rather than on the management, in order to proceed with the cancellation of all calls from the Sicilian Region. Moreover – reads a note – the ministerial decree 77/22, according to which the Uca have tasks of managing fragile and particularly critical home patients and, only incidentally, also those of managing and controlling epidemic outbreaks , has not yet been incorporated into either national or regional bargaining. It is the usual flight forward for the interest of the few and to the detriment of the many. The pandemic emergency ceased at the end of March and there is no need for urgent temporary assignments , eliminating incompatibility only for some categories and leaving them to others. It is time to say enough to favoritism by category, trampling in fact the rights of all the other media of the affiliated sector “.

The reply from the provincial health authority of Palermo dries up: “The operations were carried out in compliance with the circular of the Regional Health Department. the emergency system and the institutional system “.