Front Camera for Xiaomi MI 10 5G

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It carries an additional cost when placing the order from € 1 (taxes not included) to a maximum of 2% when placing the order, due to the costs incurred by the transport agency.

In the event that the client has chosen this option, and for some reason does not accept or collect the package, he will have to send us the shipping and return cost, which will be € 9. If not, we will proceed to file a complaint for breach of the conditions in the purchase, according to the Ministerial Law of Electronic Commerce 34/2002 “any purchase made and confirmed online must be accepted after being sent ”.

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This form of payment has a 2.5% increase in your order.

Secure and instant method through payment gateway Servired, ensuring maximum security in your transactions.

This form of payment is instantaneous, that is, at the time the order is confirmed, it is prepared at the same time of payment.

By this payment method the order will not be sent until the transfer is received in our bank.

Keep in mind that bank transfers when they come from another bank, take 1 or 2 days to become effective. If payment is not received within 5 working days we cannot guarantee the stock of the products selected in said order. If the payment is not received within 10 working days, the order will be canceled.

You can also make direct account deposit to expedite the order. Indicate the order number in concept or subject.

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