Fruit nail designs will be one of the trends of 2021: 7 fruity nail art ideas

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Spring is the season when the temperature begins to rise and trees and plants begin to bloom. The streets are filled with bright and beautiful colors with the flowers and fruits of these months.

Therefore, one of the trends de nail artIn the season that is about to begin, the nails will be decorated with all kinds of fruits.

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Regardless of whether they are watermelons, lemons, oranges, peaches, strawberries, cherries or others, fruits allow us to fill our nails with colors, so manicures with these colors look very beautiful.

Looking for inspiration to join this trend? Here we show you the best nail designs with fruits.

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# 1 Simple and colorful

To show off a beautiful and trendy manicure, you don’t need to go to aesthetics. With just a couple of different colored tools and varnishes, you can recreate some of the most beautiful designs from the comfort of your home.

If you want to dare to do it yourself, we recommend starting with large drawings or with few details, since they are the easiest to create.

# 2 Nails with a nude color base

A tone similar to that of your natural nail is the best base to later fill the nail with colorful fruits, since it looks very elegant and chic.

You can choose a single fruit or combine several in your hands. Get as creative as you can!

# 3 Gradient nail art

If vivid colors are your thing, you’re in luck, because this nail art easily adapts to any of the rainbow. Also, it looks very pretty with an effect ombré, which goes from one shade to another along the nail.

You can also choose to wear a fruit only on one finger and, in the others, the tones that resemble it. Remember that minimalist designs are the favorites of the moment for their elegance.

# 4 With detailed drawings

For realistic peaches, strawberries, or lemons, you may need someone else to do your manicure, but your nails will look gorgeous.

The results are as beautiful as they are appetizing!

# 5 Take all the fruits in your hands!

Can’t decide on just one fruit? Well, dare with a theme Tutti Frutti!

Without a doubt, they are the most colorful, so they will give your hands a very playful touch.

# 6 French manicure with a fruity touch

If you are a fan of classic French nails (or their current versions), you will surely love adding a strawberry to the white part of your manicure. Perfect for a twist on the usual design!

# 7 Contrasting colors

To fill your nails with an explosion of color, you need the nail art have two elements: the fruit of your choice and, as a base, a contrasting shade.

You will look very original and everyone will comment on how good your hands look!

Did you like this nail trend? What will be the first design you try?

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