Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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FSB: A dead man by explosion in Russian secret service building


In a branch of the FSB an explosive device detonated. The incident occurred one day after the arrest of several alleged Islamists.

The headquarters of the FSB in Moscow
© Mladen Antonov / AFP / Getty Images

In an explosion in front of a branch office of the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB in the north of the country, one person has been killed. "An explosive device exploded," said a spokesman for the local governor. Three people were injured in the city of Arkhangelsk hospital.

According to initial investigations, it is a terrorist attack. A 17-year-old has a tinkered at the entrance of the building explosive device brought out of a bag that exploded in his hands a short time later, said the National Counter-Terrorism Committee of Russia. The dead man is therefore the attacker, with the three injured employees of the FSB.

On Tuesday, Russian security forces reportedly arrested a suspected Islamist terrorist cell with 18 members in the Tatarstan sub-state on the Volga. The group had planned "several sensational actions" in Russia, the FSB had communicated. The members would count themselves the terrorist militia "Islamic state" and recruited young people for the fight in Syria.



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