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FSB employees and veterans may be prohibited from disclosing professional secrets. It is understood as information, “the dissemination of which may threaten the FSB’s own security or damage their reputation”

Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow”

Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow”

Employees and veterans of the Federal Security Service (FSB) may be prohibited from disclosing information about the work of the agency’s organs, which is a professional secret. The corresponding bill was submitted to the State Duma for consideration by the head of the lower house parliament’s committee on security and anti-corruption Vasily Piskarev and deputy Dmitry Vyatkin, the first deputy chairman of the committee on the development of civil society, issues of public and religious associations. The project is located in the Duma electronic database.

Professional secrecy in it means information that does not contain state secrets, or official information, “the disclosure of which may create a threat to the FSB’s own security and / or damage their reputation.”

“Military personnel, federal state civil servants, employees, as well as persons dismissed from the federal security service, are required to maintain confidentiality of information on the activities of the federal security service, which is a professional secret,” the draft says.

The FSB suspected a lieutenant colonel of the police in the transfer of state secrets of the SBU

Dmitry Borzenkov

The data on the activities of the security agencies, which are planned to be published, must pass an “expert assessment in the security agencies,” the explanatory note to the bill says. Without the permission of experts, the publication of data on the work of the FSB bodies “in order to prevent security threats” will be prohibited.


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