Fuel prices are going down, there is no rush

Un the stroke of midnight the time had come: Prices at the Esso gas station on Mainzer Landstraße 378 fell. At 11:11 p.m., a liter of premium E10 petrol was still €2.20; at 12:50 a.m., drivers only had to pay 1.85 euros for it. While fuel prices generally hardly change at night on normal days, contrary to the expectations of numerous experts, the gas stations immediately implemented the tank discount that came into force on Wednesday, as the example of the Esso gas station in Frankfurt shows.

According to the ADAC automobile club, fuel prices at filling stations in Hesse have fallen significantly as a result of the energy tax that has been reduced since midnight. In the major cities in Hesse, where the ADAC collected data on Wednesday, the price of Super E10 dropped by around 20 cents, said a spokesman for ADAC Hessen-Thuringia. In Frankfurt, the discount was even greater overall and averaged just under 30 cents, it said, similarly in the state capital Wiesbaden. Diesel prices have also fallen. In Frankfurt, for example, the cheapest diesel price on Wednesday was EUR 1.86, compared to EUR 1.93 the day before.

“On average, we see a price reduction, but it is not yet the planned amount,” said the ADAC spokesman. Many petrol stations would have bought their fuels according to the old conditions. Larger price reductions are expected over the next few days as old stock sells out. Due to the reduced mineral oil tax, the theoretical price difference for premium petrol would be 35 cents per liter. At the Frankfurt Esso petrol station, prices on Wednesday showed the usual fluctuations over the course of the day. For example, Super E10 was 1.88 euros at 2 p.m. and 2.17 euros at the same time the day before. The differences between the gas stations are sometimes immense. According to the portal clevertanken.deon which consumers can understand fuel prices, there was a liter of Super E10 at the HEM gas station on Vilbeler Landstrasse for 1.77 euros on Wednesday at 4 p.m. At the same time, according to the portal, the Esso gas station on Wiesbadener Strasse, for example, Aral on Ludwig-Landmann-Strasse or Shell on Bolongarostrasse 1.89 euros per liter of fuel.

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Drivers were satisfied with the price reduction on Wednesday and ensured strong demand at petrol stations. The Federal Association of Independent Gas Stations reported that diesel was temporarily sold out at individual pumps. The reluctance to buy is gone: “The drivers fill up their tanks for the Pentecost festival,” it said. However, according to the Fuels and Energy trade association, there was no real rush. The central association of the petrol station trade also spoke of a more relaxed situation than feared. Prices have fallen, “but consumers have by no means stormed the gas stations.”