Fuel prices, diesel marks a new negative record

The increase in the price of fuel it still seems not to end; while gasoline slowed the ride, the diesel instead recorded stellar increases which had not occurred since 2014. In this regard, Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union, highlighted how the Government should intervene with a series of maneuvers to reduce excise duties on fuels, contain the increase in the price of energy goods and provide clear support to citizens.

Also according to Dona, since the beginning of the year a full tank of 50 liters costs about 15 euros more for petrol and 14 euros for diesel, with an increase of 21 and 22% respectively. On the horizon there is another problem that could further aggravate the situation, the lack of AdBlue. According to reports, the stocks of the additive would be rapidly running out due to a chain reaction affecting all regions; at the base of the problem there would be the sharp increase in methane, necessary to produce ammonia and therefore urea which is minimally converted into AdBlue. Corriere della Sera recently reported that theFerrara-based company Yara, responsible for 60% of AdBlue production in Italy, announced one stop for four / six weeks.

The absence of AdBlue on the market could lead to an inevitable rise in prices and a slowdown in the delivery of all materials and products regularly transported on Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks. nitrogen and NOx, in the absence of the vehicle the vehicle may simply not start or report faults. We recall that, among the intentions of the Government, there would also be the idea of level the price of diesel to that of petrol; at the moment nothing is confirmed, but if we were to proceed in this sense we could see the diesel at 1.7 / 1.8 euros per liter.