Fuel prices drop next Monday. See the forecasts

Fuel prices are expected to continue to decline next week, albeit a little. But the downtrend continues.

O diesel should drop by around 1.5 cents per liter next Monday and gasoline should be about 1 cent cheaper per liter.

These are the estimates at the end of this week, according to market sources and according to the evolution of international prices for oil products.

Confirming this estimate, although the drops are small, they are added to the strong drop in diesel last Monday. In gasoline, on the other hand, prices have remained stable since September 5th.

This Thursday, a liter of simple diesel was sold on average in mainland Portugal for 1,752 euros, so next week it should drop to around 1,737 euros. At the beginning of this month of September, the price was at 1,887 euros per litre.

Simple gasoline, on the other hand, is at a final price of 1.693 euros per liter at the end of this week, so it should fall to a value of around 1.6 euros next week, when at the beginning of September it was 1.78 euros per liter. .

All these past prices quoted here are those officially published by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology.

Remember that fuel prices are free in Portugal, so they vary every day and differently by brand and even by gas station. However, traditionally it is on Monday that the greatest variations occur.