Fuel prices: Gasoline and diesel rise in early September

Our forecast for fuel prices for the week of August 30th to September 5th is for an increase of 2.5 cents/liter for simple gasoline 95 and 1.5 cents/liter for simple diesel

Next week, according to the verified trend and by our calculations, it will be fuel price rise.

Last week, our calculations indicated a slight decrease and what happened throughout the week was a slight increase in the average values ​​practiced in Portugal, so this decrease was practically not reflected in some posts in the country.


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Once again, we want to warn you that these are predictions we make and we try to make them as accurate as possible, but each distributor is free to charge whatever price they want.

Our estimate, for the week of August 30th to September 5th, for the price of single gasoline 95 will rise by two and a half cents (+0.025 euros) to an average price of 1.675 euros per liter and simple diesel will rise by a cent and a half (+0.015 euros), to an average price of 1.444 euros per liter.



Estimated average price
Simple gasoline 95 + 2.5 cents 1,675 euros / liter
Simple diesel + 1.5 cents 1.444 euros/liter


How do we make our estimate

AutoPortal estimates the two fuels with the greatest presence in Portugal, simple gasoline 95 and simple diesel, which are the reference fuels for the Newsletter on fuels in the European Union.

The estimate we present is made by consulting the DGEG website, analyzing the trend in crude oil prices, a component of the European fuel report, daily consulting market operators and final calculation by statistical analysis.


The price of Brent is on the rise and prices are unlikely to come down in the near future

Average prices indicated are verified in online consultation, in 2,292 service stations (simple diesel) and 2,275 service stations (simple gasoline 95), representing the majority of the 2,829 service stations registered by DGEG in Mainland Portugal.

We emphasize that these daily average prices that we indicate here are publicly provided by DGEG and are calculated based on the prices communicated by the gas stations communicated the day before the analysis (in this case, they are valid on August 27, 2021), weighted with the quantities sold from the previous year, incorporating discounts offered at service stations such as fleet cards and others.


We also note that, despite our indication of trends and official information from DGEG on average prices, there are always stations that manage to offer customers cheaper prices, so be careful if you want to save!