Fuels are already cheaper: find out how much

Despite consecutive declines, fuel prices remain higher when compared to the pre-war period

The price of gasoline and diesel dropped by six cents per liter this Monday. It is a decline justified by the fall in the value of oil in international markets.

The decline took place after a slight rise in the price of Brent, whose barrel is now being sold at just over 100 euros. This evolution of oil, which has been falling since the peak close to 123 dollars a month ago, mainly because of the prospects of cooling of the economies, has also allowed for drops in fuel prices in Portugal.

In addition to this decrease, the Portuguese who manage to refuel in Spain, enjoy a discount of 20 cents per litre. This discount is the result of government assistance, which will last until December.

The reduction in value takes place when a liter of simple diesel was being sold at an average of 1.91 euros and that of simple gasoline at 1.96 euros, according to data from the website of the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology referring to Sunday. , July 24th.

Despite these declines, fuel remains more expensive than it was before the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February.