"Yes, it is increasing, but in large part because of the price of oil. At 70-80%, it's because of world prices. Invite of Europe 1 Tuesday morning, Emmanuel Macron was particularly expressed on the grumbling against the increase of the fuels. While a day of mobilization is scheduled for November 17, the President of the Republic was keen to do pedagogy, recalling that the rise in fuel prices is not attributable only to government taxes.

Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday on Europe 1 will want to look at "how to improve the energy check" for modest households and the extension to the whole of France of the tax exemption of transport assistance set up by the region Hauts- of France. "We have to look at how to improve the energy check because we can not let people, when the winter begins, in a situation that does not allow to heat with dignity," said President of the Republic . Created to replace the social tariffs for electricity and gas, this check will be carried in 2019 to 200 euros per year on average, against 150 euros this year. It is paid to about 3.7 million households in precarious situation.

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Calling the Hauts-de-France transport aid for those with more than 30 km per day of travel a "good philosophy", he confirmed that "this aid will be tax-free". To the question "on the whole territory? He replied, "Absolutely. "We must help our most modest citizens who have no choice," said Emmanuel Macron in this interview recorded Monday in Verdun. Referring to the day-to-day lives of those who have to travel 30 or 40 kilometers each day to work, he said: "I understand their anger, they feel trapped and they consider it unfair. Regarding the call to block the roads on November 17 to protest against the rise in the price of diesel, the President of the Republic said however "suspicious of these major calls for mobilization to block everything." "Because, generally, behind everything we find everything and everything, things that have nothing to do together and people who do not have many projects for the country, if not the shut down, "he added. The president defended the tax increase on diesel "to narrow the gap with unleaded, because it is no longer justified". The government is going in the right direction. You have to tax work less, which is the case: you have seen your contributions that have fallen, and you will continue to see this movement, and we must tax more what pollutes, "said Emmanuel Macron.

"A real European army"

Emmanuel Macron also spoke on many other issues during this interview of more than twenty minutes. The opportunity to address the European issue as the 2019 elections loom. Europe will not be able to defend itself without "a real European army", he defended on Europe 1. "We will not protect the Europeans if we do not decide to have a real European army. In the face of Russia, which is on our borders and has shown that it can be threatening (…), we must have a Europe that defends itself more alone, without depending solely on the United States, and more sovereignly "Pleads the head of state in this interview recorded Monday night.

Emmanuel Macron quotes without naming them "authoritarian powers that re-emerge and re-arm themselves on the borders of Europe". He called for "protecting us from China, Russia and even the United States of America" ​​by referring to the US decision to withdraw from a nuclear disarmament treaty of the 1980s: "Who in China? is the main victim? " he asks. "Europe and its security. The EU is trying to adapt to the new geopolitical context linked to President Donald Trump's desire to reduce US involvement in the defense of Europe. A European Defense Fund is to be set up in 2019 to develop the military capabilities of the Member States and to promote the strategic independence of the EU. At the same time, Paris has initiated with eight partners a European intervention group to be able to quickly carry out a military operation, an evacuation in a country at war, or to provide assistance in case of disaster. Europe's enhanced defense capability is one of the "projects" put forward by Emmanuel Macron in his interview to respond to the "fears" of Europeans.

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Towards policemen at school?

Emmanuel Macron wants the possibility of putting policemen in school "open", but "it is always necessary that it is the educational community that decides". "It is an intolerable violence, I asked the minister to react, there is a first reaction which is there and I wish that one goes much further", explained the president of the Republic in an interview diffused Tuesday by Europe 1 about the broadcast in October of a video showing a student threatening his teacher with a dummy weapon in a Créteil high school.


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