Fuerza Popular asks Ethics to act ex officio in the case of María Cordero

The Fuerza Popular bench asked the Ethics Commission of Congress to act ex officio in the case of legislator María Cordero Jon Tay, a member of the parliamentary group, for the alleged irregular charges to their workers.

Through a statement, the parliamentary group also asked the commission chaired by the congresswoman Karol Paredes (Popular Action) that a fair and transparent investigation of the aforementioned complaint be guaranteed.

“We call on the Ethics Commission of the Congress of the Republic to act ex officio in this case and guarantee a fair and transparent investigation”indicates the document published on his Twitter account.

people force He also requested that the tax investigations against his co-religionist for this same case be carried out quickly and respecting due process.

Likewise, the parliamentary group indicated that it has initiated an internal process against the parliamentarian for Tumbes.

“As Bancada, we are committed to transparency and respect for the dignity and rights of workers. Therefore, we inform that we are initiating the corresponding regulatory actions regarding this delicate situation involving Congresswoman Cordero Jon Taysays the statement.

As well as the congresswoman from Fuerza Popular, the parliamentarians rosio torres y Katy Ugarte, Heidy Juarez and Magaly Ruiz They are also being investigated by the Ethics Commission for allegedly appropriating part of the salary of their workers.

Fuente: Andean Agency

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2023-04-16 19:28:58