Fulham captain Tom Cairney insists that under control manager Slaviša Jokanović has the full support of the team.

The Cottagers collapsed on Monday night against Huddersfield to their sixth defeat in all competitions together. Huddersfield – who was at the end of the Premier League before kick-off as he did not score a single goal at home.

In the defeat at John Smith Stadium, Jokanović's team replaced them at the foot of the table, with pressure on Serbia increasing.

Cairney insists, however, that the squad remains fully behind the coach who oversaw the return to the Premier League last season.

"We thought if we had a goal, the tables could turn, we had an offside, but we did not have too many chances," said Cairney.

"There is only us and the four walls that can bring us out.

"The head coach has our full support, he turned it over for the club two and a half years ago and it's up to us to show him that."

Huddersfield's victory was the first in the league since April.



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