Full details of the entry of the famous Korean singer in Islam .. This comment


His interest in Islamic culture for years, although he did not embrace it has attracted many people around the world, increased the number of followers from various countries, was the most prominent feeling since childhood "is the presence of God with him always," so look for him everywhere.

Moving between books and different cultures, the Korean singer and the famous Jyotip «Kim Kim» 23 years that Islam is what he was looking for throughout his life after a deep study of him, finally decided to declare his Islam to the whole world.

The reaction of the public after the Islam of the Korean singer
He asked his followers some time ago through his personal Instagram account, "What if I converted to Islam?", Most of his followers praised the idea at a time opposed by some, some of whom went to the need to adhere to the beliefs on which he was born.

Some of them objected to his continued singing if he converted to Islam, but not long after the surprise of Korean Kim Jae Kim's followers of the testimony during a video posted on all his accounts on social networking sites.

Jae Kim feeling after converting to Islam
He called himself "David" for being close to his Catholic name David, and expressed pride in his new religion (Islam) during the video clip inside an Islamic center.

Jay began his commentary on the video in the name of God the Merciful in Arabic, followed by peace be upon you, said: "My life has completely changed since my interest in Islam .. I am not fully prepared, but I will try to become a good Muslim step by step."

"I committed a lot of sins before Islam, but now I would like to replace my sins with good deeds so that I can stand before God," he said. Jim Kai is a South Korean singer who became world-renowned after winning first place in the Best Voice contest.


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