“Full of no-mask groups” Tokyo District Court is in a turmoil Report of “500 people gathered” in anti-vaccine proceedings: J-CAST News[Full text display]

The first oral argument in the proceedings over the suspension of the special approval of the new coronavirus vaccine was held at the Tokyo District Court on October 12, 2021, and hundreds of people believed to be involved wore masks, according to reports such as Kyodo News. I entered the government building as a group without doing so.

Some videos, which are believed to have been taken by the supporters of the proceedings, have also been posted on Twitter, and various opinions have been received regarding the actions.

  • At that time, there was a long line before the Tokyo District Court.

  • At that time, there was a long line before the Tokyo District Court.

“Vaccine passport is categorically opposed,” he complained with Mike.

Looking at the posted video, people holding umbrellas in the rain are lining up in front of the district court in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Most of them are no masks.

According to media reports, baggage inspection to enter the government building was carried out at the opening of the court at 13:30 on that day, and a long line was formed, which seems to be the situation at that time.

These people were talking without masks, and it was also seen that a person who seemed to be a district court employee sometimes went out wearing a mask. A signboard was placed in front of the entrance of the district court, and a man without an umbrella complained with a microphone, saying, “I strongly oppose the vaccine passport,” without holding an umbrella. When the names of the people involved in the proceedings were mentioned in this speech, there was a call saying, “Do your best!”

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According to media reports, district court officials were forced to take action to prevent infection, and the scene was confused. It is said that the lobby on the first floor of the government building and the seventh floor, where the courtroom where the speech was held, were also full of people without masks. The district court is calling on visitors to wear masks, but they cannot force them and refuse to enter.

As a large number of people gathered in the district court, lawyers also said on Twitter, “What’s happening?” “It’s scary to be full of no-mask groups.”

Some worried that a litigation cluster is likely to occur

On October 11, the day before the proceedings, a suspected supporter called for participation in the “anti-vaccine proceedings” on Twitter. He emphasized that it was important to surround the court with a crowd that could not enter the court and to spread the scene.

On the same day, the chief lawyer of the proceedings also wrote on SNS that there was a staff member with a placard at the entrance of the district court, so I would like them to gather. On the day of the proceedings, the lawyer reported that the district court was crowded with people, and at least 500 people had gathered, thanks to many people calling on social media. On the other hand, it is said that there were only 26 seats for the audience, and the district court was not aware of it.

According to the video posted, after the oral argument on the 12th, the lawyer made a post-event report to the supporters on the sidewalk near the district court without a mask. When he declared that he would fight thoroughly against the vaccine, the supporters applauded, “Yes” and “Do your best”.

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On Twitter and other media, people who seemed to be supporters complained about the gathering without masks, saying, “Make news about the trial rather than masks.” On the other hand, there are many complaints about not considering the risk of infection, and there are a number of voices saying, “A litigation cluster is likely to occur,” “It’s a really annoying story,” and “If you don’t want to hit it, you should hit it.”

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News Editorial Department)