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The Tram fulfills a fundamental function for mobility in the metropolitan area of ​​Tenerife. It currently circulates with a capacity limitation of 66%, – all seats and two people per square meter can be occupied-. In total, 132 people can circulate in a tram when in reality, its capacity is 200. Despite these limitations, A video has provoked the indignation of Tenerife restaurateurs on the first weekend of application of restrictions on the island to stop the advance of Covid19.

“I find it amazing that sacrifices are requested from a sector that is already dead to death and these gauges are allowed in public transport,” explains a restaurateur from the center of Santa Cruz to the SER. “These images are outrageous, you cannot ask the restaurant sector for sacrifices and then see these images with the trams full, without safety distances, and say that the problem is in the bars and restaurants, Are there really no infections in these conditions? “, Explains this restorer with indignation.

“Someone is not doing his job well and it is certainly not catering”, explains the owner of a restaurant in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Cadena SER

Tram doors open automatically upon arrival at each stop, so lCustomers don’t have to press any buttons. What’s more, the air inside the vehicles is regenerated every minute and a half approximately. What’s more, both trams and stops are washed and disinfected daily. The travel time on the tram is generally very short, and there is no interaction between passengers, the risk of contagion is considerably minimized.

In addition, Tranvía del Tenerife has launched an application to manage tickets, however, it is not necessary to touch anything. Through their mobile, each passenger can personally manage the purchase, validation and review of tickets. Additionally, through this application, the occupancy level of each tram can be consulted in real time. In the event that a tram approaches the marked sanitary capacity (66%), a text message is issued in the app and a voice message at the stops, recommending that the next tram be waited.

The video contrasts with the tweet released by the Government of the Canary Islands, with images that do not resemble those seen in the video

A matter of individual responsibility

The general director of Mobility, Jose Alberto Leon, denied in the SER before the restrictions that Metropolitano de Tenerife is not complying with the maximum capacity allowed. León recalled that, although the tram has a capacity of 200 people each way, “It has been reduced to 130 people and each way it is usually taken by between 90 and 100 people.” However, restaurant capacity has been reduced to fifty percent on the terrace and one third indoors for at least fourteen days, which has caused the indignation of many restaurateurs


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