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A week ago I took out fully comprehensive insurance for my Model 3 with HUK24, received the vehicle papers the day before yesterday and registered immediately yesterday so that the €6,000 BAFA + THG quota for 2022 is already in the dry. Although the vehicle will not be delivered to me until December 15 at the earliest.
I didn’t want to risk the full environmental bonus and the €400 GHG quota for these two weeks.

As I can see on the insurance policy, the annual premium of €864 is not due until January 1st, 2023. And HUK24 is charging another €86 for the rest of this year.

I then wrote an email and asked that until December 14th I would only be charged for the statutory motor vehicle liability insurance and only on December 15th for the fully comprehensive insurance. Since I will definitely not get the car delivered before December 15th. I needed the eVB number for the approval yesterday.

Now I got this answer:

Thank you for your message. Please note that the scope of insurance applied for applies from the day of registration (25.11.2022). If there is a casco damage event, your above-mentioned contract provides insurance cover in the area of ​​validity. Therefore, the insurance premium for motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance is also due from the day of registration. Kind regards

The vehicle is still owned by Tesla on a ship. Why would I or my insurance company have to be liable for damage before delivery?
Is my above claim enforceable?

What can the HUK do about the fact that you have already registered the vehicle even though it is still on the ship?

Of course you could have taken out liability insurance with statutory coverage. You probably didn’t do it, why should the HUK respond to your request?


Apart from the fact that I wouldn’t worry about the contribution (for the fact that the 2022 THQ can still be bagged).

What did you imagine? A car is insured from the day of registration and may be driven on the road. What if Tesla postpones your delivery? I just wrote to someone this morning who was brought forward from 12/07 to 11/28.

You could have avoided it if you had only registered the vehicle with liability insurance and switched to comprehensive insurance afterwards.

But if the whole time and effort for 86 € would be worth it to me ?? nope

Presumably you will also be found in the queue at the free charging stations?

Edit: See it like @senderlisteffm – Why should they now invest extra work to iron out your mistake and thus earn even less, only to then employ someone again not even half a month later to change it. Every email is too much work.

It’s almost like the people who yell “SECOND KASSE” at the top of their voices in the 3rd place at the cash register.


But it is the approval date that counts.

See it as a lesson and be happy about the thq quote


At 6,000 Bafa getting upset about 86 € – awesome…


HUK24 – means that you didn’t have an insurance person there to whom you could explain what you wanted.
But … I would have thought of just taking out liability insurance first and adding fully comprehensive insurance later. Retrospectively canceling what seems to be difficult with online insurance. “It’s your own fault” I would say.

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What about the 14 day right of withdrawal? Do I keep my eVB number that I gave when registering?

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Then say goodbye to bafa now.


Ask Netflix to pause your subscription until your TV is delivered.

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It was clear to me in advance that this could happen, but the BAFA and above all the GHG quota were more important to me, since there will be other regulations regarding the quota from December 1st. I didn’t want to mess that up. That’s why I took this small risk.
But if it doesn’t work, then apparently it doesn’t work.

Just see, HUK is available until 11/27/22
Get a €15 discount on your contribution with the promotional code ORANGE24

Definitely would take it with me.


The 86 EUR are HP and VK for the whole of December? That is, we’re talking about, I don’t know, maybe 30 EUR?

I took that with me. Saved 15€ but paid 86€ for it on the other side.
As @hohand said, apprenticeship.
Thread can be closed.

I have to agree with the previous speakers, unfortunately the fault lies with you alone.
In principle, a vehicle may be moved or damaged from the day of registration at the registration office in road traffic, i.e. within the normal scope of your vehicle insurance.
Why the hell are you registering a car that you don’t already have and how does that even work?
How can you even have the registration papers if the vehicle handover has not yet taken place? I do not understand that.

Basically, you made a completely different mistake.
Especially with car insurance it is worth going to an insurance broker, they simply have better conditions.
It must be clear to everyone that car insurance from brokers is a bait offer. These are usually very cheap to be able to take out other “more worthwhile” insurance policies, because they don’t earn anything from the car

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I thought you had to take out insurance before you handed it over? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You will usually receive papers from Tesla within 1 week after you have paid the due invoice. From there you can register – but from then on you also have to pay for the insurance.

You have to pay for your purchase in the shop, not when you start cooking.

With HUK24 he already drives the cheapest (had no damage case himself, no idea how they are there) – Model 3 Long Range, with discount protection (1 accident per year without downgrading & foreign damage protection) I drive at 1,000 € fully comprehensive / 0 € partially comprehensive for 480 € / year.

You don’t have to do it, there is even a field during the admission process at HUK24 where you ask if you want a transfer number plate.

Alternatively, you can pick up the vehicle with a trailer.