Funding program “Darmstadt MSOs active for democracy” re-advertised

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The WIR model project, which was launched by the Science City of Darmstadt and is supported by the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration, is aimed at Darmstadt migrant self-organizations (MSOs) and associations, established sponsors and institutions, the city administration and the entire city population who are interested in living together in the set up a migration society. The offers within the model project serve to make democracy and anti-racism work in the city society tangible.

Darmstadt’s Lord Mayor Jochen Partsch emphasizes the participatory orientation of the project: “We want the perspectives of immigrant people and expertise from the communities to be more involved in shaping democratic life in our city, also and especially in the fight against the right. At the same time, with the DaMaD model project, we are making a valuable contribution to strengthening and promoting volunteer structures.”

Werkhof eV was commissioned to carry out the model project, which will run until 2024. “The experience of our non-profit association in working with other associations, institutions and sponsors will be of great advantage here,” emphasizes Anne Küffner, 1st Chairwoman of the Werkhof eV.
In addition to further training and networking, micro-projects are also planned for the future, which can be carried out alone or in cooperation with other organizations to promote civil society commitment. An information flyer on the model project, the project call for proposals and the project application are available at (Flyer), pdf (tender) and (application) available. Organizations that are committed to living together in the migration society in Darmstadt can apply for project funding.

Betül Karacabey-Sen, member of the Pedagogical Ideas Workshop eV, hopes that this will not only give him more financial support for his own projects and the professionalization of the club’s work: “What we clubs need above all is greater general appreciation of our voluntary commitment to social cohesion and educational work. We want to be recognized as strong civil society actors”.

Four Darmstadt organizations from the communities are actively involved in steering the model project: the German-Syrian Association, the Migrant Support Network, the Pedagogical Ideas Workshop and the MSO interest group (IG MSO) with its eight affiliated associations. Building on their previous experience in the field of democracy promotion and anti-racism work, they support other MSOs who want to become active in these fields.

Abdulhamid Al Jasem from the German-Syrian Association draws on a wide range of association work: “Not only is our commitment to refugee work irreplaceable for local integration, but our other projects also support equal opportunities for people with a migration background to participate in communal and social areas”. .

Fahima Nokraschi and Dogan Yilmaz, representatives of the IG MSO, see a great opportunity in the model project: “We want to help shape political work in municipal, state and national discourses and consider it an important task to educate our members and friends and to promote democratic values Life”.

For the scientific monitoring of the project, the practice laboratory of the Technical University of Darmstadt, headed by Dr. Olga Zitzelsberger.
Interested groups and individuals are welcome to contact the project coordinator: Sara König, Werkhof eV, email: [email protected], telephone 0157 / 51984188.

(Text: PM Science City Darmstadt)