Fundraising campaign for child: Horb family still needs money for severely disabled son – Horb & surroundings

Nathalie Müller, son of Laurin and Rene' Müller.  The parents are happy about their little lively whirlwind.  Photo: Baiker

Nathalie Müller, son of Laurin and Rene’ Müller. The parents are happy about their little lively “whirlwind”. Photo: Biker

The Müller family has already experienced a great willingness to help their son Laurin. But it still takes 180,000 euros to convert the house to make it handicapped accessible.

Horb-Dettlingen – “We are happy and grateful that we still have helping hands on board,” said the Rene’ and Nathalia Müller family. The Black Forest messenger wanted to know how the elevator for their handicapped child Laurin was going, because this elevator makes things a lot easier for Laurin and her parents.

Review: At the Antenne 1 Festival, the Empfinger association “From Man to Man” (VMZM) gave the Müller family from Detlingen a check for 70,000 euros. Moderator Oliver Ostermann wanted to know from Edgar Schwind, the association’s chairman, who was behind the campaign “An elevator for Laurin”, for which the VMZM had collected donations. Laurin Müller is an eight-year-old boy with a disability from birth.

House is being remodeled to be handicapped accessible

Since the house of the Müller family is on a slope and can only be reached by stairs, transporting Laurin and his wheelchair became more and more of a problem for the family.

Two friends of the family saw the problem and that’s how the idea “A lift is needed” came up. But how? Is an outside elevator the solution?

The big donation at the Antenne 1 Festival was preceded by many discussions, but even after this donation there were many discussions, advice and helping hands.

As a result of the “elevator” project, this elevator is not designed as an external elevator, but will be integrated into the residential building. However, this requires an extension.

Elevator costs 250,000 euros

And so everything went its way. The elevator and extension cost around 250,000 euros. 70,000 euros are there. The Müller family should shoulder the rest of 180,000 euros themselves.

Nathalia Müller, a bank clerk by profession, is currently on voluntary parental leave to look after Laurin. Her husband Rene, Kapo at a construction company, is struggling with several herniated discs.

Much was learned from discussions with the Müller family. Thanks to the many helping hands in word and deed, there was never any resignation.

Above all, Nathalie Müller’s parents, Beate and Berthold Dettling, were always a great help to the Müller family.

Associations call for donations

According to the Müllers, 2022 was a very exciting year. The sympathy and support was and is incredibly large. As at the beginning of the fundraising campaign in November 2021, there were also a number of clubs in spring and summer 2022 that started their own appeals for donations from their members.

From the benefit football game to collecting bottle caps, then handing over the donations at the Antenne1 holiday in Empfingen, to the fee for Saint Nicholas in Bittelbronn, you met many people who simply said “We want to help you”.

Neighbors and work colleagues help

The neighborhood with Uwe Berger and sanitation master Daniel Pfau came up with their own fundraiser. They built a handicapped-accessible bathroom in the previous basement room and also actively supported it financially. 100 working hours were invested.

In May 2022, the plans for the extension of the elevator were completed and we received the approval of the city of Horb, according to the Müller family. At the beginning of August it was then possible to start motivated with the base plate for the extension.

“Here Rene’s employer, the company Haser Bau from Haigerloch, gave us a lot of support. Thanks to the hard-working hands of the many colleagues who stand up for and help each other as a matter of course, we were able to reduce the costs significantly,” says the family.

Elevator will be completed soon

In September, the carpenters from the company Schäfer GmbH from Eutingen began with the extension. All in all, it has been a very exciting, exciting time so far – life on the construction site. It’s going to be different for a moment when suddenly a piece of the roof and part of the house wall is missing.

“Land” is now visible. In an estimated two to three months, everything should be ready and the elevator will work at the push of a button.

All rooms should then also be habitable, especially the therapy room for Laurin and a separate room for his brother Louis (12 years old).

Donations are welcome

With such a large necessary investment for Laurin, donations are always welcome.

The association “From person to person” Empfingen set up a donation account for Laurin. Purpose “Laurin”. Volksbank Horb DE55 6429 1010 0056 1000 00; Kreissparkasse Rottweil DE90 6425 0040 0009 1105 51.

Laurin, his brother Louis and their parents are happy about every euro that helps to make Laurin’s life easier.