At the funeral of the animator Philippe Gildas, his wife Maryse said a few words to express all the tenderness that united them, and to say his pain of having to say goodbye to the man of his life. She also said that she would do everything to keep the promise she made to him before he disappeared … A crowd of personalities, and a very strong emotion. The funeral of Philippe Gildas took place Monday, November 5, in the cemetery of Père Lachaise, in Paris, under a beautiful autumn sun. His accomplice always Antoine de Caunes, but also Jose Garcia, Pierre Lescure, Dominique Farrugia, or Jean-Pierre Elkabach: all the PAF was present to pay a last tribute to him who was one of the great figures of the spirit Canal, with its famous show Nulle part ailleurs. But it was also to support Maryse, the widow of the host, strong and dignified despite the pain. During the ceremony, which took place in the room of the Crematorium Dome of the Parisian Cemetery, Maryse Gildas held to say a few words for her late husband, with whom she spent thirty-six years of her life, "thirty-six years of happiness," she likes to sum up. As Le Parisien describes it, the widow of 78 years wanted to testify of all the tenderness which united it to her man, but also of the suffering which inevitably accompanies its absence. "You made me promise to live without you, I will try," she said, very moved. This promise, the two lovers probably have exchanged some time before the death of the host, then that he was fighting against cancer. Today, Maryse Gildas will need all the love and support of her loved ones to keep her word, and try to be happy anyway. Before leaving the platform, she passedYou are so Beautiful, by Joe Cocker, the love song they used to listen to together. A song that, for sure, will resonate a long time in it.Credit photos: Bestimage


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