Funeral service for Luise F.: This is how the memorial service went

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Farewell to Louise

The coffin of the killed Luise was decorated with flowers in the evangelical church in Freudenberg. © Evangelical parish of Freudenberg

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2023-03-23 08:45:00

Luise F. (12) from Freudenberg was killed on March 11 with numerous knife wounds. Two classmates from the seventh grade at Esther Bejarano Comprehensive School, aged 12 and 13, confessed to the crime. The horror of this unimaginable act has gripped the whole country.

Funeral service for Luise F. in Freudenberg: broadcast in the school auditorium

On Wednesday (March 22) it was time to finally say goodbye to Luise. A funeral service began at 6 p.m. in the Evangelical Church in Freudenberg. It was a celebration attended only by Luise’s closest personal family and friends. Police made sure family and friends were not disturbed in their pain and grief at church.

Funeral service for Luise: Video from Freudenberg

For everyone else who feels connected to the dead twelve-year-old and her family, the funeral service was broadcast as an audio stream in the auditorium of the Esther Bejarano Comprehensive School in Freudenberg, which Luise had attended until her death. Out of respect for the mourners, there will be no pictures of the celebration in the church.

Luise’s death has upset many people in the country and still won’t let them go. We have decided to give them the opportunity to also take part in Luise’s farewell. That’s why we reported from Freudenberg on Wednesday (March 22) from 2 p.m. Not from the church, but from the grounds of the comprehensive school, where the funeral service will be broadcast. Access to our reporting is free.

Funeral service for Luise: The events in Freudenberg in the live blog

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