Funkeira from Rio de Janeiro is stuck in American immigration, but is “saved” by Anitta

“They didn’t want to free me,” Gabily posted on his Twitter account during a trip to Puerto Rico.

The influence of the Rio de Janeiro singer Anitta grows abroad with each passing day. On this occasion, according to a report by the Carioca funkeira Gabily, the singer’s name resonated well even with immigration from Puerto Rico, a US territory located in the Caribbean.

In a Twitter post, Gabily said she was surprised by Anitta’s influence outside of Brazil. When she arrived in Puerto Rico, she was even detained by immigration when she tried to enter the territory, but when she said Anitta’s name, she was released.

“Yesterday I went to immigration, they asked me what I was doing in Puerto Rico, then I said to find a friend and then go to Miami, they didn’t want to let me go when I said the name of a friend kkk the police started saying ‘Anitta, Anitta, Brazilian singer ‘lkkk,’ Gabily posted.

International fame:

Larissa de Macedo Machado, 28, from Rio de Janeiro, better known by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, businesswoman, and presenter. Elle Anitta started 2017 by betting on collaborations, and on January 6, the song “Loka” was released by the country duo Simone & Simaria with the participation of the singer, who emerged at number six on Billboard Brazil and has become in one of the most reproduced. of the year. A few weeks later, on January 21, Nego do Borel launches “Você Partiu Meu Coração”, with the participation of Anitta and Wesley Safadão, with a clip inspired by the novel by Jorge Amado, Dona Flor and Seus Two Husbands, who have been become one of the most represented in the Carnival of that year, in addition to the fact that the singer’s costume in the video has been incorporated by the public as a carnival costume.

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On May 19, on the radio, “Switch,” a collaboration with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, became their first single in English. That same month, on May 31, Anitta released her first single in a year, “Paradinha”, recorded in Spanish with the intention of expanding her career to Latin American countries, in which she appeared on television in several countries.

On July 30, US group Major Lazer released “Sua Cara,” starring Anitta and drag queen Pabllo Vittar, as their second single from the Know No Better EP. Après sa sortie, the chanson is becoming a hit et est restée plus 5 weeks sur le palmarès Dance / Electronic Songs by Billboard, the premiere chanson portugaise du palmarès depuis “Lambada (Chorando Se Foi)” du group Kaoma, il ya 28 years. The track’s music video surpassed 25 million views in 24 hours, breaking the record for the second most viewed day on the first day at the time, right behind Adele’s “Hello,” becoming the Latin video with the most views in a year. day on the platform.

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