Funny, the Netflix series by Varoise Fanny Herrero canceled after a single season

So there, nobody saw it coming… While the critics were enthusiastic, the series Funny of the Toulonnaise Fanny Herrero (Ten percent) will not be renewed on Netflix for lack of audience according to the American platform according to information revealed by the site of Unbreakable.

Dedicated to the world of stand-up and launched on March 18, the original series had nevertheless met with real success and seemed to be heading for a second season. But the American platform, which recently lost more than 200,000 subscribers, did not wish to continue the adventure. A real blow.

“I’m obviously sad and disappointed that Netflix didn’t let the series settle down more, given the enthusiastic, affectionate reception and testimonials from the press and the public, from lots of young people we don’t know. I don’t know, who insisted on its freshness. What remains is the pride of having done it with my team, of having enjoyed creating these characters who revealed four magnificent actors, Mariama Gueye, Jean Siuen, Younes Boucif and Elsa Guedj” simply reacted the Varoise Fanny Herrero, contacted by the Unbreakable.