Furious won and advances in the Entel Honor League Playoffs

The League of Honor Entel is in final stages. Tonight began the phase of Playoffs with a landslide victory Furious Gaming about Crusaders Esports. The best six teams will compete in the next few days in the Clausura post-season with the aim of getting the coveted trophy. The Skull He took out a badge for having finished in first place and dispatched in three games the crusaders who finished the Regular Season in fourth place and now must continue their journey through the Lower Bracket where losing the series means saying goodbye to the tournament.

This first series between Seed #1 and the #4 of the Chilean championship supposed, in the previous one, hardened combats with many confrontations for the control of the main objectives of the Rift of the Summoner. Nevertheless Furious Gaming He quickly managed to close the series and is already waiting for a rival in the Final of the Upper Bracket. In all three games the Skull was very dominant, the advantage that the kill marker reflected grew more and more as the game minutes passed, the effect snowball took the squad ahead crusaders And now you have to face Meta Gaming in the Lower Bracket to continue with the dream of lifting the trophy of The League of Honor Entel.

How do the Playoffs of La Liga de Honor continue?

Furious Gaming won a crusaders and is already waiting for a rival in the Final of the Upper Bracket. We will meet this rival tomorrow and he will come from the winner of the series between Movistar Optix y NewStar, these teams finished in second and third place respectively, can they be the rival that stops Furious? The Playoffs of the Chilean League of Legends contest continue with the following crosses:

Upper Bracket

Movistar Optix Vs. NewStar – Tuesday 28

Lower Bracket

Crusaders Esports vs. Meta Gaming – Wednesday 29

Loser (Optix vs. NewStar) vs. Dark Horse – Thursday 30

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